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Guy Called ‘Sick Creep’ After Roommate’s Girlfriend Walks In On Him Sleeping Naked Without Knocking

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Sleeping naked is something a large portion of the world does.

People do it because they assume others will not be barging in and out of their room’s without notice.

Apparently, that can happen.

Case in point…

Redditor southerngallyl wanted to discuss his experience and get some feedback. So naturally, he came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

He asked:

“AITA for sleeping naked on top of the covers to teach my flatmate’s GF a lesson?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“New to Reddit, please bare with me.”

“So I (21, guy) live with my childhood best friend (22, also a guy) and have done for 2 years now.”

“Up until last week, things were perfect between us.”

“However, he recently got a new girlfriend (23, lady) and she honestly seems absolutely great except for one thing; she seemingly has a complete aversion to knocking.”

“She and I have quite a lot in common, and I actually like spending time with her.”

“However it bugs the hell out of me when she just barges into my room without knocking first.”

“Now, she’s never walked in on me doing anything untoward.”

“I’m usually just chilling on my bed or studying at my desk.”

“However, on at least seven separate occasions now, she’s done it first thing in the morning to ask if I want coffee.”

“I sleep naked.”

“Every time prior to the last one, I’ve been under the covers and she hasn’t seen anything.”

“I always point out that she could have and she just giggles and says ‘but I didn’t.'”

“When she stayed over last week, in order to make my point, I intentionally slept on top of the covers.”

“Sure enough, she barges in at 7AM, begins to ask if I want coffee and sees my you-know-what.”

“She immediately backed out of the room and didn’t speak to me for the rest of the day.”

“My mate later pulled me aside and said I was really out of order.”

“He accused me of deliberately exposing myself and pointed out that I’d ‘threatened’ to do it before (I literally just said ‘okay but what if I had no covers and you saw everything’ before).

“They’re now framing this to others that I’m some sick creep who intentionally got naked and lay in wait of her because that’s how I get my rocks off.”

“And I’m kinda seeing how it came off that way.”

“AITA for doing this?”

Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • NAH – No A**holes Here
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here

Many Redditors declared OP was NOT the A**hole.

“NTA. She knew it was a risk when she barged in.”

“How is she not the pervert?”

“Also, have you considered getting a lock?” ~ czhunc

“The walking in w/o knocking would appear more creepy/invasive to some if genders were reversed.”

“But if the naked roommate was a woman, I could absolutely see her getting smeared for it.”

~ PeskyStabber

“THIS. She’s doing it on purpose!”

“I honestly think she wanted to see him naked or something.”

“I think ops roommate’s gf has a thing for OP personally.”

“She was being intrusive AF.”

“It’s called respecting other’s boundaries, especially considering OP has talked about it to his roommate and gf before.”

“I really hope other people understand she was invading OP’s personal space and she’s the creep.”  ~ SassyPikachuu

“NTA. She is aware and is intentionally doing it in an attempt to either drive a wedge between flatmates or is low-key flirting with him.”

“Either way she is the creep here, he gave her a warning and she did it anyway.”

“His room is his own personal space and she is infringing upon it purposely.”  ~ illmatic708

“Honestly to me it sounds like she kinda wanted to catch you in an ‘untoward’ position but then when it actually happened she didn’t like it.”

“Karma’s a *itch and it bit her in the butt.”

“NTA OP, your roomie’s GF is a frickin’ pervert.”  ~ CatdogIsBae

“Usually I’m on here telling parents to knock when they open their teenage boy’s doors.”

“Like wtf parents, you can’t unsee some things.”

“But OP is an adult.”

“I can’t fathom not knocking on an adult’s door.” ~ HyacinthFT

“If my boyfriend even once barged into my hypothetical female roommate’s room, we’d have a huge problem.”

“And I’d be apologizing for his behavior.”

“Without the gender reversal, I still don’t see how anyone on here wouldn’t agree that the roommate’s GF is not only a creep.”

‘But also needs to learn about respect, boundaries, and privacy.”

“Generally speaking, you never go in another person’s bedroom without permission.”

“She needs to apologize profusely and stop intruding.”  ~ gimmiesomewater

“NTA… do these people not realize how crazy they sound?”

“‘You were naked in your own room!? You are out of order mister.'”

“If they are the sort of people who then go around telling people you are some sick creep, they are not your friends.”  ~ REDDIT

“Seems like his friend is mad because his girl sounds like she’s been trying to sneak a peek at OP’s D for a while now, and now she finally got it.”

“At least that’s what the giggling says to me.”

“But to be honest it’s still straight-up sexual harassment on her part – he told her not to do it.”

“He warned her what could happen.”

“And now she wants to go all surprised Pikachu because that’s exactly what DID happen?

“NTA, better put a chair under that door at night before she tries to sneak in again.” ~ BriarRose21

“My mom does this when she comes over to my house and it drives me nuts.”

“I did a similar thing to what OP did and warned her that if she keeps going into my private space she’s gonna eventually see something she won’t like.”

“After that I put a bunch of adult toys on my nightstand.”

“She wouldn’t look at me for a few weeks but it keeps her out of my room.”

“Sometimes people gotta learn boundaries the hard way.” ~ Reddit

“NTA. This girl sounds like she’s blatantly trying to get you in trouble…. maybe she has a twisted plan to get you out of the house?”

“I don’t know, but it seriously sounds like she might be doing this on purpose.”

“You told her to knock on many many occasions and she even giggled when you said ‘next time I will be bloody naked’ and then you get called a pervert and an ass for actually following through?”

“She is most certainly the a**hole here.”

“Sit down with your friend and really get this point across that she is invading your privacy.”  ~ Els236

“The GF is an adult.”

“She was told to knock, she was told why to knock.”

“She was told that she risked seeing him naked when they walked in first thing in the morning – and her reply was to giggle.”

“She was knowingly either trying to make OP uncomfortable or (more likely in my opinion) trying to catch a glimpse.”

“And she got it.”

“Now she’s trying to cover her own shi**y behavior by blaming the OP.”

“Who was sleeping in his private room, minding his own business, with the reasonable expectation that his privacy would be respected because he specifically told her to.”

“OP needs to talk to his friend now, for sure, because she’s a creep and the friend needs to know the truth.”

“But OP shouldn’t require a friend to ask GF to act like an adult.”  ~ ArtOfOdd

“OP DID talk about it like an adult.”

“Girlfriend laughed at it.”

“How many times is OP supposed to tell her to respect his privacy before she gets the memo?”

“If genders were reversed, OP was a woman and roommate’s boyfriend kept entering her room without knocking.”

“And having been told OP might be naked, this whole sub would be going batsh*t about pressing charges, and how much OP is NTA.”

“But sure, OP has to be above the situation.” ~ justsomerandomdude16

“OP spoke directly to the GF, telling her what the consequences of her continued actions would be, and she ignored OP.”

“She is the one in the wrong here, the man sleeping naked in his own room is not, in any way, at fault.”

“It was not necessary or expected for OP to speak to his roommate, and he did not ‘deliberately expose’ himself to her.”

“She opened the door, having been warned. She is at fault.” ~ CmdrPnts

“NTA, I actually think it’s pretty funny this is the way you chose to make your point.”

“You deserve your privacy and she obviously isn’t respecting that.”

“If you told her before and she just shrugged it off then maybe a little shock and real-life demonstration is what she needed in order to get the point across.”

“Also screw those people.”

“You didn’t expose yourself to her, she exposed herself to you by barging into your private space after being warned already.”

“You have every right to be naked in the privacy of your own room.”  ~ BeingHorne

Well OP, Reddit seems naked/transparent in their thoughts.

In your room, you get to sleep however you chose.

Some serious conversations need to be had with all three of you.

Good luck.