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House Sitter ‘Didn’t Notice’ Dad’s Porsche Was Stolen Out Of His Garage For Over A Week

A car thief breaking into a car

Sometimes we miss details in life.

We can’t be vigilant of everything 24/7.

But when a person is housesitting, and things go missing, not paying closer attention, can be a problem.

Case in point…

Redditor Vivien12087 wanted to discuss their experience and get some feedback. So naturally, they came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

They asked:

“AITA for not noticing that my dad’s Porsche was stolen out of our garage?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I’m 20 and taking the semester off of college and staying at my parents house while I kind of decide what to do next.”

“My dad had a conference in Anaheim and my mom wanted to go so they asked me to stay so I could feed the dogs and just be present in the house.”

“They were gone for 1.5 weeks.”

“They got home yesterday and my dad started accusing me of driving his 1960s porsche and leaving it at friend’s house.”

“The car is his baby and he’s the second owner, the first was my grandpa.”

“I’ve driven it once in my life and it made me so nervous I never wanted to drive it again.”

“I promised him I didn’t drive it but the car was gone.”

“We called the police and they came out and discovered that the cameras by the garage had been broken.”

“And with ring footage from the neighbors and the data from our cameras the car had been stolen about a week ago.”

“My dad is despondent because I guess the longer a car theft goes the harder it is to find it.”

“I feel so bad.”

“He’s so mad at me (my mom is too) because I park my XTerra right next to the Porsche and I did not see that it was gone for the entire week.”

“I should have noticed but I just didn’t.”

“Obviously we know the date it was stolen and I must have pulled in and out and parked next to the empty spot dozens of times and I just didn’t notice.”

“I think my dad wants to kick me out.”


Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA:

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Many Redditors declared OP WAS the A**hole.

“YTA. No way you can justify parking next a car and not noticing it’s been gone for a week when the people who drive it are gone.”

“This is crazy.”  ~ Fabulous_Monk_8667

“YTA. Your lack of awareness is… absolutely baffling.”  ~ asmalltamale

“What in the Ferris Beuller? YTA.” ~ teamoosito831

“YTA… how do you not notice a whole car just missing when you’re the only one home.”

“Like please walk me through it not being weird.”

“You’re not a child and even if you avoid the car doesn’t mean it becomes invisible.”

“This is serious because it shows your lack of awareness in your surroundings.”

“Take this as a wake up call.”  ~ nd313

“I must have pulled in and out and parked next to the empty spot dozens of times and I just didn’t notice.”

“How the hell can you be SO oblivious that you don’t even notice and ENTIRE F**KING CAR IS MISSING from your garage FOR A F**KING WEEK???”

“Wake up! I mean…it wasn’t a collectible car on a shelf in the living room. It was an ACTUAL SIZE CAR and YOU NEVER NOTICED??????”

“YTA. IF you weren’t in on it, which would make more sense than a person NOT noticing a missing car they’ve NOT been parking next to for an ENTIRE WEEK, then I think you might have also just won the award for ‘Most Oblivious Human on the Planet.'”  ~ Legion1117

“YTA- if you didn’t park next to the empty spot all week I would be more forgiving BUT YOU LITERALLY HAD DOZENS OF CHANCES TO SEE THE CAR WAS MISSING!!” ~ ColdSeason2019

“YTA – They asked you to watch the house.”

“You not only didn’t (you weren’t home that night, interesting) but you then proceeded not to take a mental inventory of one of your fathers most prized possessions.”

“If a dog had gotten sick on your watch and you didn’t notice would you be here right now?”  ~ Striking_Winter_9709

“YTA… and a massive idiot.”

“Sorry but you park right next to the car and didn’t know it was missing?”

“I’m struggling to see how that can be.”  ~ No-Map672

“WTF dude? Lol. How can you not notice?”

“They provide you food and a roof and all they asked is to keep an eye on the house.”

“And you let a whole Porsche get stolen and you didn’t even notice though you park next to it every day??”

“And maybe you didn’t notice when you were returning home drunk AF (lets assume that and give you an excuse) but you didn’t notice when you were leaving the house as well???”  ~ Low_Actuator_3532

“OP isn’t a house sitter.”

“She is ‘taking a semester off’ from college and living there.”

“Her job was to be there and she just fucked that off too.”

“If I were to infer some things from this story, I’d guess that OP has a quite privileged life and two things she’s never had much interaction with are responsibility and consequences.”

“Just my theory based on what I’ve read here. YTA.”  ~ G0mery

“Yeah YTA. They asked you to watch their place which would include the car.”

“You parked right next to the vehicle and then the empty spot and just didn’t notice?”

“Not sure how that is possible.”

“Sorry, but your dad has every right to be mad.”  ~ EllieClan

“Look it’s already been said that YTA for not being on point, so that’s as far as I’ll rub it in.”

“I’m free and off paper so I can actually say shit and not have it bite me.”

“Look, the house was being watched.”

“Likely for days, if not weeks.”

“High end auto theft isn’t random.”

“The pulls (criminals) likely knew when and where you liked to jerk o**.”

“If cameras were busted, they likely set up their own trips to check times of comings and goings.”

“Your house was checked, scoped, and got.”

“There’s a dignitary in Myanmar rockin’ that Porsche now.”

“Yours truly, a reformed criminal.”  ~ sZYphYn

“YTA. You need to surrender your driving licence too.”

“If you don’t notice massive things like this you are not safe on the road and honestly, it sounds like you may need a cater to be safe in your daily life reading your comments.”

“There’s oblivious and there is so far oblivious you need supervision and an assessment of your abilities and needs as there is something really wrong here.”  ~ bibbiddybobbidyboo

“YTA for either making up this inane story or being so messed up you didn’t notice a very specific and sentimental car that you PARK NEXT TO EVERY DAY was somehow missing.”  ~ 456080107

“YTA… I am pretty oblivious to things, but when I’m tasked with house sitting I make sure to make sure everything is in order.”

“This isn’t a didn’t notice we ran out of milk situation, this is a so detached from your surroundings that you didn’t notice a full blown car that you park next to is missing along with damaged security cameras.”

“If you are that oblivious, you really shouldn’t be agreeing to look after households when people are out of town.”  ~ Lalalabambi

A few Redditors thought different…

“No. NTA.”

“A bit teenage maybe with your responsibility, but you didn’t steal it.”

“They went to great lengths to not be noticed and he possibly knows and told the thief himself to come steal it as it’s very odd this happened just a couple of days after he left.”

“He needs to sit and think who knew he was going?”  ~ Interesting_Bake3824

“I’m going to go against the grain and say NTA.”

“It sounds like OP might just be extremely head in clouds, and not really give a sh*t about stuff like cars – he wasn’t being malicious, just absent minded.”

“I can totally relate to this – I have zero interest in cars and would literally probably not notice if a Porsche was missing.”

“I think people are being triggered by OPs privilege and family wealth, and out of jealousy are seeing red and punishing him.”  ~ RevolutionaryFig3113

“NTA. Plenty of people would not have clocked a car they never drive not being there.”

“Under normal circumstances, it being there or not is irrelevant to this kid.”

“He wasn’t set to ‘keep an eye on the car.'”

“I would been oblivious, too.”

“I have ADD, and a million things in my mind all the time. NTA.”  ~ FosterPupz

“I’m trying to picture it.”

“Maybe the car was over to the right and OP just jumped out of the driver’s seat and went left into the house.”

“Like it is plausible that OP never went to that part of the garage.”

“If OP’s dad has a vintage car, he probably has a whole bunch of parts and tools etc… filling that space, maybe even obscuring much of the car.”

“But then again, a whole car leaves a pretty big empty space that I think would be noticeable even in your peripherals.”  ~ justlookbelow

In the end the majority of Reddit is not with you OP.

Sorry for all the craziness though.

Let’s hope dad’s car is found and you all can get past this.