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Guy Asks If He’s Wrong For Blasting Cardi B’s ‘WAP’ To Get Neighbor Kids To Stop Playing Against His Windows


Redditor MentalHealthAltAccnt is a male tenant who was fed up after the local kids repeatedly played near the window of his ground floor apartment.

So he employed a tactic that was effective but deemed offensive by one of the unruly kids’ mothers.

Wondering if he went too far, the Original Poster (OP) visited the “Am I the A**hole” (AITA) subReddit and asked strangers on the internet:

“AITA for blasting Cardi B’s ‘WAP’ to get young kids to stop playing against my windows?”

For the uninitiated, Cardi B is a rapper known for her NSFW song, “WAP” – which is an acronym for “Wet A** P*ssy.”

The OP explained what led to his song choice full of sexually explicit lyrics.

“I live on the first floor of an apartment building and I have CONSTANTLY been yelling at the local kids (like between 4 – 7 years old) to stop playing against my new windows.”

“I work from home and they’re just always out there playing in the grass between the buildings, which I don’t care about.”

“But then they’ll all gather in the bark mulch in front of my windows, lean against my screens and peek into my apartment. Mom is always out there with them, always on her phone and drinking a White Claw.”

“I’ve yelled at her, yelled at the kids, and still they’re against my windows this afternoon.”

“So I played Cardi B’s “WAP” at absolute full volume. I have a pretty decent sound system on my computer, so it was very clear, very loud.”

“Mom runs over, grabs all the kids and demands I turn it down. I said I’ll keep it at a reasonable volume that they can’t hear if they’re four or five feet away from my windows.”

“She said I could have just asked (I have) and she’s threatening to call the cops (good f’king luck, lady).”

“But part of me is feeling bad now. I could have just blasted unintelligible metal music or something. I intentionally chose the most sexually charged song I could think of just to get the kids to ask mom about it, and to intentionally get a rise out of mom.”

“Am I the a**hole here?”

Anonymous strangers on the internet weighed in by declaring:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH – No A**holes Here

Not only did Redditors declare NTA, but they went further by suggesting more provocative songs to add to his playlist.

“NTA because you’ve warned her and the kids multiple times. If you want more music with sexual themes I reccomend listening to Ninja Sex Party (Orgy for One specifically).” – OneDumbPony

“F*ck the Pain Away – Peaches is always my go to if I need to make people feel uncomfortable. It’s actually a solid song, if you like breakbeat.” – Scynful

“The Bad Touch (Bloodhound Gang) is a true classic.” – marshmallowhug

“Gloyhole by Steel Panther. Anything by Steel Panther should work!”

“Fist F’k by Rockb*tch.”

“So What by Anti-Nowhere League.”

“C*mdumpster by Jack Off Jill.”

“Killer by Terminal Choice.”

“The Winker’s Song by Ivor Biggun.”

“P*ssy by Rammstein.” – RamblingManUK

“NTA and if WAP is the most sexually charged song you can think of, those kids (and the mom) got off easy.” – vryuncreative

“NTA. And for all those saying you exposed children to sexually explicit music, they shouldn’t have been close enough to decipher the lyrics so it’s their parents fault.” – sarah_della

“I have children those ages. There is no good reason for that age range to know what any of the lyrics mean. I would be absolutely appalled if they do. Don’t even give that a second thought.”

“That was a clear message to mom, and it worked. I approve and find it hilarious. So does my husband. NTA for sure. Thanks for the laugh!! I needed that today.” – Lyaera319

“NTA. As much as I don’t like Cardi B or WAP, this is easily the funniest thing I’ve read today. Good work friend.” – YamaChampion

“Oh yeah. I’m laughing so hard! I’m a 60-year-old white lady, whose name is actually Karen… LOL!”

“I have three kids, and I would’ve totally understood if somebody had done this if I’d been behaving like that or allowing my kids to. Well played, OP!!” – mtngrl60

“NTA I mean, it did the trick, the kids stopped being noisy and so close.”

“If thats whay it took for this wine mom to actually do something thats the way it goes.”

“I guarantee you, many parents listen to even raunchier stuff in front of their kids. I knew a few 7 year olds whose parents listened to S&M by Rihanna and would sing the lyrics in day camp.” – aetheravis

“NTA, it works and she took her kids away. The kids wont have notced the wording in that short a time and its not like they aren’t going to hear it elsewhere.” – Damncatnz

“NTA!!!! Kids are wonderful but when they aren’t yours you shouldn’t have to deal with them. The mother needs to pay better attention to her kids.”

“You shouldn’t have to ask multiple times. Kids won’t understand that but the mother is an adult and it’s HER responsibility to remind them to play elsewhere.” – GracieW7

Cardi B’s song features rapper Megan Thee Stallion and was regarded by critics as “raunchy” and “twerk-ready, scorching banger,” but it was also praised for its sex-positive theme and described as “the epitome of female empowerment.”

Overall, Redditors found levity in the OP’s scheme and assured him the kids are too young to comprehend the sexually-charged lyrics.

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