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Mom Pissed After Her Teenage Son Tells Her She’s ‘Too Old’ To Talk About Having Sex


Sex is fun.

At least it’s supposed to be.

But talking about sex… not always fun.

Sometimes sex talk isn’t for the faint of heart.

Case in point…

Redditor SocietyIsPosion wanted to discuss his story for some feedback. So naturally he came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

He asked:

“AITA for telling my mother she is too old to talk about sex?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“My (18 M[ale]) father (42 M) got married with his girlfriend (Laura, 36 F[emale]) last year and now they are trying to have a baby.”

“I would prefer to not even know that but my father wanted to be sure that I would be ok with him having another kid, me being an only child.”

“It is fine by me, whatever.”

“My parents divorced when I was 5 but they never hate each other at all.”

“They actually always had a very good relationship, as far as I can remember.”

“My mom also likes Laura and has no problem with her being with my dad.”

“So, yesterday, my mom (41F) was picking me up at my dad’s house and Laura invited her in to have tea.”

“They started talking about Laura trying to get pregnant.”

“I wanted to go home and was disgusted listening my mother talking about something related to sex but I tolerated it at first.”

“I was looking at my phone as if I was not paying attention but couldn’t avoid it.”

“I started complaining that I wanted to go home but my mom told me that she was going to talk to Laura as long as she wanted.”

“And that if I didn’t like it I could wait in my room or go home on my own.”

“That was the worst because then I could not go to my room without looking like a little kid doing what she told me to in front of Laura so I had to stay.”

“My breaking point was when my mom asked Laura how many times my dad and her were ‘doing it’ and she said at least once a day.”

“My mom asked if my dad was using viagra or something but Laura smiled and said that he doesn’t need it.”

“I got very angry and started yelling.”

“I told my mom that she is too old to talk about stuff like that and that she was being disgusting asking those questions.”

“She apologised to Laura ‘on my behalf’ and left without taking me home.”

“I think it was very rude of her to do that.”

“Today, she has been totally ignoring me as if she is still angry.”

“I know what I said was maybe too much but I felt like that core idea was not wrong in that context.”

“Am I the Asshole?”

Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA?:

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Redditors declared our OP WAS the A**hole.

It’s a tricky situation.

Let’s hear some thoughts…

“46-year-old woman here. I had sex last night. Deal with it. YTA.” ~ ImSoTiredReallyIAm

“46 here and sex didn’t even start to get really good until I hit my mid 30’s.”

“OP may technically be an adult in the eyes of the law.”

“But they’ve got some serious growing up to do.”

“How are they ever going to be a good partner with these immature ideas about sex? YTA.”  ~ randomusername71175

“’Youth is wasted on the young.’ I thought that was the dumbest thing I ever heard, until I grew up.”

“Your 20’s are like Jr High, there’s an entire world out there after 30.”

“My mom’s friend cougared some 30 year old and rocked his f**king world.”

“The best part about getting old is you don’t have to be in puppy love candy gumdrop bull to have a wonderful sex life.”

“I can meet someone, have sex, then go about my day without the headaches.”

“Unless the woman is still in her 20’s YTA and your dad is spraying babies all over your house when you’re not there.”  ~ The_Way_It_Iz

“So many women commenting the time since last boink.”

“And I just hope OP is reading this and then realise his mum probably masturbates as well as having sex.”

“I wonder how he feel knowing his grandmother (if still alive) likes to do the horizontal tango.”

“And his female teachers, and that sweet old lady at church she is totes ready for being railed in a summer dress.”

“OP may not read all these comments, but I do hope his mum is ready for summer dress season.” ~ OriginalDogeStar

“37 and having the best sex of my life.”

“OP, it wasn’t a conversation with you, so you can stop listening at any time.”

“You’re a legal adult, either grow up or go to another room or go home alone…like an adult, so you can’t hear the conversation.”

“The world doesn’t revolve around you.”

“Mom is not too old to talk about sex, even if she was 102 she wouldn’t be too old.”

“But you’re certainly too old to whine and cry to your mommy.”

“She’s probably not speaking to you because she is reflecting on how her adult son became such an entitled a**hole.”  ~ anneofred

“YTA. Your parents are NOT too old for sex”. 

“Where do you think you came from?!?”

“News flash, people have sex in their 90s.”

“You are a child and obviously too young for sex.”

“It’s ok, one day when you’re 40, you’re going to look back on this and laugh.”  ~ FaceTheJury

“Kid would be horrified to hear about the outbreaks of STDs in retirement homes from all the elderly folks having sex without protection because it’s not like anyone’s getting pregnant.”

“Would pay to give OP a slideshow presentation including all the stats and showing outbreak trees and driving home what the implication is.”

“Hahahahahaha. Op, YTA.”  ~ braellyra

“Lol, came here to say just this.”

“OP needs a good dose of reality.”

“And may he live long enough to see how dumb this post is.”

“And then become one of the few old men who make it to the retirement home where he’ll be wildly outnumbered and his dance card will always be full.”

“And in that day he will hear some naive little teen say the same thing and laugh.”  ~ Justanothergamerwife

“But but but, he can’t leave the room.”

“His Mummy trapped him by suggesting he could leave if he’s uncomfortable so that if he did leave he’d wook wike a widdle kid. TRAPPED.”

“u/SocietyIsPosion (such a cool edgy username by the way) that’s not how adults think.”

“You ARE acting like a little kid.”

“Grown men don’t let worries about people thinking they are a child stop them from doing what they want to do.”

“I’m an adult and I don’t worry about being seen as a child by doing or not doing what my parents suggested beacuse I’m confidant in my adulthood so it’s a non-issue.”

“That’s the concern of a small child trying to act like a big boy but not knowing how, or of an insecure middle schooler who is more worried about what looks fake grown up then what makes sense.”

“Also, adults know that other adults have sex and talk about sex.”

“That’s why they call it ‘adult’ content.”

“If you can’t handle it, maybe you do belong at the kiddie table after all?”

“Did you really think what, after people turn 30 their genitals fall off and they turn into Barbie and Ken dolls?”

“Or what?”

“On the bright side, this is HILARIOUS.”

“You are like one of those cute funny toddlers who don’t know how life works and say the darndest things.”  ~ TheHatOnTheCat

“YTA. You’re too old to be behaving this way. “

“You had the choice to leave the room or go to your mother’s on your own, but chose to stay and throw a tantrum like a little kid.”

“So, your plan to to impress Laura worked out just great!”

“Grow up and apologize to your mother and Laura.”

“Also, there is no such thing as too old for sex.”  ~ Consistent-Leopard71

“YTA dude.”

“My mum is in her 70s and having sex with her 83 year old boyfriend, and yes, it’s come up in conversations between us.”

“You could have excused yourself at any time from the conversation, and instead you acted like a huge baby and threw a fit.”

“How is it ok for your dad to have sex, but your mum is ‘too old’ to talk about it?”

“Sounds like some sexist bullshit to me. Grow up.”  ~ Mortifydman

“YTA. The idea that 41 is ‘too old to talk about sex’ is freaking ridiculous.”

“Trust me, people in their 40s are still having sex.”

“Maybe even a lot, whether you like it or not.”

“That said, I understand not wanting to hear this discussion, but you had options not to listen.”

“You chose not to take them so you heard what you heard.”  ~ 3kidsnomoney—

Well it sound like OP has some thinking to do.

Sex is natural. And everyone is meant to be doing it until the day we die.

At least that is what health experts say.

Time to do some research OP.