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Woman Called Out For Allowing Husband To Show Her Professional Nude Photo To His Friends


Everybody wants to feel and be sexy.

Especially in the eyes of a lover.

So maybe make it more special by not sharing the sexy.

Unless you’re cool with that.

So many questions.

Case in point…

A deleted Redditor wanted to discuss her story for some feedback. So naturally she came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

She asked:

“AITA for allowing my husband to show off a photo?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“My husband is a bit of a Marilyn Monroe fan.”

“I am also into her story but not like he is.”

“We joke that she would definitely be at the top of his ‘free pass’ list if she were alive and our age etc.”

“All good fun.”

“So, for his birthday I had a photographer friend help me recreate the famous nude Marilyn pose on red sheets with her arms behind her head.”

“I won’t post her photo here but if you google Marilyn Monroe nude there should be a million hits!”

“Wholesome and cute, I thought.”

“I had it done, blonde wig and professional setting and everything, and it turned out great. He loved it.”

“Anyway, he showed it to a few close buddies (I was fine with this) and they thought it was awesome and fun.”

“One of their wives however, did not.”

“She did not think it was cool that my husband showed this photo.”

“And actually called my character into question for having the photo done.”

“I called her out on it.”

“We saw each other at a bar, I asked if there was a misunderstanding, she said there wasn’t.”

“She really stood her ground.”

“I clapped back a bit, and finally cut off the conversation after she said ‘I get it Laura, you love your boobs.'”

“Just shocked me.”

“Am I clueless here?”

“AITA for not stopping my husband from showing his friends this photo?” 

Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA?:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
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  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here

Redditors declared our OP was NOT the A**hole.

It’s a tricky situation.

Let’s hear some thoughts…

“I’ll have to say, I’m half and half on this one.”

“The photo idea is very cute.”

“I love it and I think it’s pretty thoughtful, and it’s very sweet how you put so much effort to it.”

“But I also can’t help but to question how your husband would show nude pictures of his wife to his married friends?”

“It’s a bit unusual to me I’ll have to admit.”

“Though I don’t think she should be angry at you, but at her own husband for looking even though it’s a nude photo of his friend’s wife.”

“In conclusion I think that lady should be pissed at her husband, not you.”

“And in my personal opinion such gifts are very sweet and even sweeter when they stay between you and your hubby.”

“Maybe one could brag about it by talking about it, but I wouldn’t be with the whole showing it situation.”  ~ loofzie

“There is an off chance he just thinks his wife did an extremely good re-creation and is proud of the work she did.”

“He may want to show his buddies in a ‘Hey look how much amazing effort and work my wife went to in order to give me an amazing, thoughtful gift.'”

“If he’s in a few different types of art chances are they also have seen enough nudity that they will look at someone nude and not even think about the sexual implications.”

“I have seen that before with friends who work as artists.”

“On the flip side he could also be throwing it around as a total d-bag and bragging about her in a crude Manor.”

“I will say the woman is a little rude for blaming OP.”

“Doing nude photoshoots as gifts is more than ok if the recipient wants it and it’s appropriate for the relationship.”

“Heck getting dressed up as Marilyn and doing the photo if she wanted to just cuz would have been fine too.”

“The sexual revolution was in the 70s and part of empowerment is doing things for yourself that make you feel sexy.”  ~ LeadingJudgment2

“It’s on the husband’s friends not to cross their marriages boundaries.”

“With two layers of husbands intervening and a nude photo on the table I am not shocked that something is lost in translation Lmao.”

“NTA and it’s lame that people would try to sl*t shame you at all let alone just for taking an artful photo for your husband???”

“It’s not like it was a random nude phone selfie lol.”

“Other wife is insecure and her anger is misdirected.”

“There’s no need to put down your ‘character’ wtf.”

“It’s not like it’s gonzo porn for God sake.”

“Her immaturity is not your problem or your husband’s, assuming he didn’t show off the photo without asking first.”

“Other wife’s husband may or may not be TA.”  ~ Acrobatic-Parsnip-32

“Sounds like it’s a problem between the woman and her own husband.”

“The only reason op confronted her was because the woman was making mean comments about ops character.”

“If the woman is not okay with her husband seeing nude photos of women he knows, she should’ve asked him not to and he…”

“1. should’ve stepped back when op husband was showing them or…”

“2. say he’s not comfortable seeing them.”

“No one forced him to stare at it.”

“Sl*t shaming women because your husband has no respect for you is a no go.”  ~ calliopegrey

Oh the boys… they always bring the drama…

“Some people don’t worry about it.”

“I had made a new friend once and he asked if I wanted to see naked pictures of this girl he’s dating.”

“I asked how serious they were and he said ‘could be pretty serious.'”

“He said she wouldn’t care but I told him that I didn’t want to see them because it would be difficult for me to not picture her when I eventually meet her.”

“This was back when you had to use polaroids for that stuff so it would have been very blurry anyway.”

“Still, I’m glad I didn’t.”

“They’re happily married now and we’ve all been good friends for a long time.”

“Some guys can separate that stuff, but I wasn’t one of them back then.”

“Don’t care to find out if I have changed.”

“I’m happy not knowing what my friends look like when they’re naked.”

“If it doesn’t bother OP then they are probably pretty secure with each other and are able to keep that stuff separated.”

“Sad their friend wasn’t honest with himself.”  ~ Ok_Reason_3446

“NAH. It’s great that you did the photo shoot and that you and your husband are comfortable enough with nudity, etc to show it around.”

“But I don’t think the friend’s wife is an a**hole either.”

“People have different ideas of what’s appropriate and what’s not and this rubbed her the wrong way. Is that your problem?”

“No, just ignore and live your best life.”

“But she’s also exercising her opinion the same way.”

“I think this is a situation of people coming from very different perspectives and clashing.”

“But I don’t think anyone is an AH.”  ~ criticalgraffiti

“I would be grossed out if my friend tried to show me a naked picture of his wife.”

“Doubly grossed out if I had to socialize with her regularly.”

“And that she was just so cool with me seeing her tits because she was proud of them.”

“We get it, Laura: you love your boobs.”

“NAH… but I’m with her.”  ~ Blink182YourBedroom

“The amount of people who are jumping from ‘she took nude photos’ to ‘she’s responsible for everyone’s actions’ is absurd.”

“All she did was take photos, give permission to her husband to share them, and tried to clear up what she thought was a misunderstanding.”

“Maybe the bar conversation was a bit more heated than we’re led to believe.”

“But the OP mentions that the other wife was calling into question OP’s character.”

“Which I interpret as she was talking sh*t to others.”

“And again, at that point, OP had only done the shoot and then gave permission to show it.”

“That’s fair grounds to confront someone.”

“I just can’t see how this is on her. NTA.”  ~ BadMinotaur

“NAH. I get that it was something special between y’all but I think the wife probably thinks it’s a little inappropriate her husband has now seen your boobs.”

“It’s one thing for her husband to see random actress boobs in movies.”

“It’s a whole other thing for him to know what you look like topless now.”

“Could make future social events a tad awkward for her.”

“I don’t think it’s a jealous thing, just a eh I wish you hadn’t cuz now it’s awkward thing.” ~ Conspiring_*itch

Well OP… Reddit understands your situation but has some thoughts.

Maybe make sure the hubs isn’t flashing you all over the place.

Intimacy is intimacy.

And some people may not love to be a part of it.

But keep doing you.