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Guy Furious After Roommate Calls Him ‘Pathetic’ For Paying A Woman To Snuggle With Him

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Redditor Background-Soft9761 has a dorm roommate who does not respect an agreement they had discussed when it came to bringing girls over for “private time.”

Recently, the Redditor returned to the dorm without being given a heads-up warning that a “do not disturb” situation was taking place.

The ensuing confrontation was a disaster, and in the process of shaming the roommate about his bedtime practices, the Redditor may have hurled a few F-bombs.

When an attempt at reconciling also failed, he visited the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit and asked:

“AITA for not leaving the room when my roommate uses his snuggling services and calling him cringe?”

The Original Poster (OP) wrote:

“I live in a dormitory, I share a room with my roommate.”

“We had a rule from the beginning if one of us ever had a girl we were going to have private time with, we must give the other person 5 hours notice and the other person must leave.”

“It worked out ok, I always texted my roommate whenever I brought girls over. I rarely use it now as my girlfriend has her own place by herself so I go there.”

“My roommate however doesn’t respect this rule and he often rents women out to snuggle with. Yes, he doesn’t have sex with them, he pays women between 750-1000 grand an hour to snuggle.”

“That’s so f’king cringe, especially since you can get a prostitute for less than half that and just pay them to snuggle. Using a prostitute is usually pretty pathetic, but paying someone to snuggle you is beyond that.”

“I walked in on my roommate snuggling. He told me to leave, I said no because he did not respect that rule and I had a major assignment I have to do, all of our work got lost because my friend’s computer with all of it broke”.

“The sh*t had to be uploaded within 3 hours.”

“He demanded I leave and I told him to stop yelling and just ignore me. I was just typing on my computer. He continued to yell at me and the snuggle prostitute told him to chill out and let me be and they can just cuddle and he says I’m ruining the experience he paid for.”


“He ended up actually leaving. The woman said something to me in what I think was Xhosa but I have no clue. No idea why she thought I would speak Xhosa, nor why she was speaking Xhosa when she was white.”

“Roommate comes back a few days later and says I really hurt him and we need to fix things. I told him he needs to chill out.”

“He ended up going back to Pretoria so I dont know what happens now, i think he’s moving to a new dorm.”

Strangers on the internet were asked to declare one of the following:

  • NTA – Not the A**hole
  • YTA – You’re the A**hole
  • NAH – No A**holes Here
  • ESH – Everybody Sucks Here

People thought the blame could go both ways.

“ESH – He didn’t respect the agreement by giving 5 hours notice, and definitely pushed it by insisting you leave several times. That said, it seems like you’re sitting on a lot of judgment about the snuggling and that broke through a lot in your response.”

“Lastly, Snuggle Prostitute would be a great band name.” – Jon_Jraper

“ESH. You have a girlfriend, so you have human touch, and you MOCK him for desiring the same thing, even though it’s without sex? Do you and your GF just cuddle?”

“Yes, he broke the agreement, but F’K, do NOT mock someone because they just want to be touched. Shaming him for a basic human NEED is a REAL a**hole thing to do! He over-reacted, yes, but you were TOTALLY an AH!” – YourImaginaryFried

“ESH. Your roommate for not respecting the 5 hour rule. You’re an AH for calling him cringe and insulting him. It’s his time and money aka none of your business aka nothing you should judge him for.”

“edit: if you are genuinely worried about this habit of him, calling him cringe won’t do it. Talk about your concerns in a calm and respectful way.” – Exotic_Flounder_7305

“ESH. What your roommate spends his money on is his business. If he prefers to cuddle with someone and finds that is as far as he is willing to go, you need to respect that.”

“Some people just like cuddling. He should respect the five-hour agreement. He doesn’t want a pr0$+itute because soliciting can get you arrested. ‘I only wanted to cuddle.’ Would not go well with the police.”

“If you catch him again, walk away or get what you need and leave. No comments.” – Special-Attitude-242

“ESH but dude check your toxic traits and maybe talk to a therapist about why you have such hangups around this stuff. You kinda seem angry about the cuddling service more than anything. Hell, maybe ask your gf for a hug.” – NootDear

“ESH, leaning towards YTA, he broke the rules, that was sucky, but you’re TA for calling him cringe and insulting him. Do you not cuddle with your gf? Why is wanting human touch cringe?” – imwhateverimis

“ESH. Your roommate obviously sucks for not respecting the 5 hour rule. Roommate agreements are sacrosanct unless there is communication for otherwise.”

“You suck for behaving like an arrogant douche. He’s probably touch-starved, but doesn’t crave sex, and he can clearly afford it.”

“It’s not your business what he does with his money and time away from you. You’re really not coming off well if you think needing non-sexual human contact is cringe….” – Queen-PRose

“ESH your roommate for how he was acting and the way he dismissed the rule and you.”

“Your disgusting racist ‘why is she speaking Xhosa if she’s white’ are you that ignorant that people can belong to a race regardless of their color?”

“And of course how you treated your roommate you were rude and harsh in. You both sound like 12 year olds so immature.” – stonerdetective_

Overall, Redditors did not look favorably upon both men. The roommate was denounced for not respecting the privacy rule, and the OP was slammed for shaming him for his snuggling preference.

Hopefully, the two incompatible guys will no longer be roommates as the OP mentioned the snuggler was moving into a new dorm.

Written by Koh Mochizuki

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