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Visually-Impaired Person Furious To Learn Neighbor’s Fiancée Has Been Parking In Their Driveway For Months

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How do you react to someone using something of yours without permission? Would your opinion change if it’s something you never use?

Redditor Roadway-Livid4930 is blind, which means they don’t have a vehicle. This has led to a dispute with the original poster (OP)’s neighbor.

OP isn’t sure if they overreacted and needed an outside opinion. To that end, they asked the “Am I the A**hole” (AITA) subReddit about what went down.

They’re curious if this was wrong:

“AITA for having my neighbour’s vehicles towed?”

Why is OP in this situation?

“In my neighbourhood the homes have a garage which has room for one vehicle, and a driveway with room for a second. I’m visually impaired (no sight) so I don’t have a vehicle.”

“A friend stopped by and thought I already had company because there was a vehicle in my driveway. Luckily she had been jogging otherwise she wouldn’t have had anywhere to park since that vehicle was in my driveway and was blocking the garage.”

“It was still there when she left. She wrote a note saying this is private property and to please move and not park there.”

“The vehicle was parking there. Another friend put up a no parking sign. My next door neighbour saw the sign said the vehicle belonged to Jane (neighbour from across the street).”

“I went over and asked Jane to not park there. Jane said her fiancée just moved in and because Jane already had two vehicles because one is hers for her work (she is apparently self-employed) they needed somewhere for the third vehicle and I’m not using my driveway so they are using it.”

“I’ll note here Jane/her fiancée never asked if they could use my driveway. They just went ahead. If I could see I obviously would have noticed right away but I had no idea.”

“My next door neighbours on either side of me thought I was doing them a favour since Jane’s been parking there for months. I also found out from them Jane’s fiancée parked in my driveway before she moved in when she visited.”

“My job just recently went fully remote and my company has given up our office space completely. Before they sold our office space this summer I still had to go into work. Jane’s fiancée works a different shift so I didn’t know.”

“I told Jane she didn’t have permission and I sent her a registered letter too.”

“She still parked there so I got a tow truck to come. Jane got angry at me and she said she will take me to court to get the fees back. A week after Jane’s vehicle was towed I fell going to my mailbox because there was a car in the driveway and I bumped into it.”

“It was Jane’s fiancée’s personal car. She parked in my driveway because Jane didn’t want her work vehicle to be towed again. Jane is saying she’ll take me to court for the fees for this tow too.”

“She also said it’s my fault I fell because I didn’t have my white my cane. I never use it on my own property and I’m overreacting because no one is using my driveway so they should be able to.”

“The police came when I fell because an ambulance came and they told Jane and her fiancée to stop parking here.”

“Apparently they can’t afford the fees so the towing company still has Jane’s fiancée’s car. Jane and her fiancée say I’m a horrible neighbour/prick ETC. not letting them use the driveway and causing them these headaches.”

“I don’t feel like the a**hole in this situation. But I can’t drive and I don’t really understand the importance of having a vehicle. A few of my acquaintances have agreed with Jane and say I’m a massive prick for calling the tow trucks.”

“I’d like honest opinions from people with no stake in this.”

As OP points out, they don’t understand the importance of having a vehicle, but Jane and her fiancée are also doing this without permission. Was calling tow trucks a step too far?

To find out, Reddit commenters judge OP by including one of the following in their response:

  • NTA – Not the A**hole
  • YTA – You’re the A**hole
  • NAH – No A**holes Here
  • ESH – Everybody Sucks Here

The commenters agreed that it doesn’t matter that OP doesn’t drive, it’s their property and they didn’t give Jane permission to park there.

Additionally, they didn’t just call a tow truck immediately, they took reasonable escalation by leaving a note for Jane not to park there, putting up no parking signs, asked Jane directly, and even sent a registered letter.

OP was NTA for calling the tow trucks, especially after all that.

NTA by a long shot. Jane and her fiance are entitled jerks who think that other people’s private property is theirs to do as they see fit with.”

“Call the police every single time this happens, until it never happens again. Your neighbours are bullies.”eternalgard

“NTA. Just because you’re not using your driveway doesn’t make it up for grabs to anyone that wants a parking spot.”

“You gave her many chances to correct her misbehavior and she refused. You’re 100% in the right to have an uninvited vehicle removed from YOUR property.”-bbbbbbbbbb-

“You are NTA here, obviously. It’s your driveway, they have no right to park there without your permission, and they were intentionally taking advantage of your blindness — they probably figured you’d never notice.”

“Jane is TA, her fiance is TA, and so are your acquaintances who agree with her.”PingPongProfessor

“Yep. This one. I’ll bet anything they even had a conversation about it. ‘They’re blind, it’s not like they’ll see it!’”

“These people are horrible and they’re trying to take advantage of your disability. They’re disgusting, and I hope they paid/will pay for your medical bills after your fall.”PenguinsReallyDoFly

“NTA. It’s your property and you have the right to tell people they can or can’t park there. Not your problem if she can’t afford the fees to get the car back.”

“Keep towing them. If she sues for the towing fees, she has no standing in court.”nolagirl110977

OP’s friends who are saying that they’re the a**hole should be scrutinized. OP has been more than fair to Jane to get her to stop.

If Jane wants to not get her vehicles towed, she should just stop parking in OP’s driveway. Easy solution.

Written by Ben Acosta

Ben Acosta is an Arizona-based fiction author and freelance writer. In his free time, he critiques media and acts in local stage productions.