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Baker Stunned After She’s Berated For Bringing A Vegan Cake To Vegan Friend’s Birthday Party

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Vegans are notorious for talking a lot about veganism.

But, the truth is a lot of people spend a lot of energy arguing against being vegan and criticizing people for not eating meat.

But Redditor The_Fish_Lover34 encountered an issue with her friends. So she turned to the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit for moral judgment on a hypothetical question.

She asked:

“AITA for bringing a vegan cake to a party?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I (26F) opened up a vegan cafe and bakery. I have a few friends that help with running the cafe. I help with the kitchen and the baking.”

“My closest friend ‘Layla’ was my very first customer and she decided that she wanted to eat vegan. Her boyfriend and I used to be really good friends, but once she started eating vegan, he put all the blame on me.”

“He will make snide comments about vegan food and has even left the cafe a terrible review.”

“Layla’s birthday was last week and she invited our entire friends group.”

“Her favorite desert is Oreo Cheesecake. I made a large, vegan Oreo Cheesecake along with a vegan appetizer.”

“Her boyfriend had cooked most of the meal and when he tried the desert, he looked like he was about to puke. He looks at me and says ‘eww, this is absolutely disgusting’.”

“‘I can’t believe that you would bring a vegan desert to the party when most of the guests aren’t vegan’.”

“I apologized and quickly wrapped up my desert and left.”

But that wasn’t it. 

“A mutual friend told me that Layla and boyfriend got into a huge fight and she’s thinking about breaking up with him.”

“I have received a few horrible messages from the boyfriend and I have since blocked him. A few friends think that I should have brought a non-vegan cake along with the cheesecake.”

“AITA for bringing a vegan cake to a party?”

Redditors gave their opinions on the situation by declaring:

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Redditors agreed OP was not the a**hole.

“NTA. Even IF (which I don’t believe) the cake was absolutely disgusting, his behavior would be not acceptable.”

“It’s totally fine to bring a vegan dish even if no one else is vegan.” ~ CakeEatingRabbit

“Yup, and the cake was for the birthday girl’s food preference.” ~ Lilpanda20

“I know right?! The nerve of this guy. ‘Why would you bring THE BIRTHDAY GIRL’S FAVORITE DESSERT when IIIIIII don’t like it?!?'” ~ Plastic-Technology

“You think he’ll have a post like AITA for being angry that my girlfriend’s friend brought a vegan cake to a birthday party where pretty much no one was a vegan?”

“Then say : My gf has a friend that opened up a vegan cake shop. Disgusting!”

“But to each their own right? Only now my gf all of the sudden decides she is a vegan.”

“Clearly she was brain washed by her friend. She won’t listen to reason when I tell her people are supposed to eat meat!”

“Anyway, recently it was my gf birthday and I planned this great party invited all our friends and cooked all the food.”

“Everything was amazing, but then her friend goes and brings a vegan cake to this party! She ruined everything.”

“Only gf is a vegan. What was everyone else supposed to eat?”

“I told her she shouldn’t have brought this cake to a party no one is vegan at. She left and now my girlfriend is mad at me. So AITA?”

“OP NTA” ~ mortuarybarbue

“I would like to try a good vegan cake. My vegan friend used to volunteer to bring dessert every time we had a party… Her cake tasted so awful every time.”

“Too sweet and the texture was all wrong. We always thanked her and complimented the cake, but honestly it was hard to eat the whole slice.”

“I feel bad for OP. The friend’s boyfriend is an a**hole and a bad host.” ~ Brilliant_Chipmunk

“Yeah, this right here is the issue.”

“OP brought a vegan cake because the birthday girl was vegan. It’s not her boyfriend’s cake? How unkind would it be to bring a cake that the birthday girl can’t eat to her party?”

“OP, please forward the messages he sent you to your friend. She deserves to know what kind of person she is dating when she decides if she wants to stay with him or not.”

“She will likely be much happier and freer without someone like this making her life miserable and hard.” ~ TheHatOnTheCat

Non-vegan people can still eat vegan cake.

“Nah, he wouldn’t be that self-aware.”

“He’d be like ‘I took a bit of the cake, and it was disgusting. I mean it, guys, the absolute worst thing I’ve ever tasted.”

“When I asked her why she would bring this to the party when my girlfriend is the only vegan, she got mad and stormed out. A few people were exchanging looks, so I think they thought it was nasty too.”

“Now my girlfriend wants to break up with me, because she said I was rude. AITA’.”

“And everyone will be like, yeah, dude, you suck. If that’s your version of events, the truth must be much worse.”

“And it is. Even ignoring the whole vegan thing, what kind of jerk is going to complain that the birthday person’s favorite dish is being served on their birthday!”

“It’s insane.” ~ AlcinaMystic

“Guarantee he only disliked it because it was vegan, regardless of taste. The way this is written absolutely reeks of someone trying to find a fault on purpose.” ~ OneMoreGinger

“This. Cake is one of the things where if it’s well done you wouldn’t even notice it’s vegan.”

“Milk and eggs don’t add much taste to a cake, they are mainly there for texture. So as long as you manage to get a nice texture, there’s barely a difference.” ~ Fribuldi

“I personally don’t like vegan cheesecake (the vegan cheesecake that I’ve tried), even though I like regular cheesecake.”

“However, it was rude of the boyfriend to complain like that. He could simply have not eaten it.” ~ schrodingers_cat42

“My MIL is vegan, and sometimes her vegan versions of things taste fantastic, a few times they aren’t to my liking. But I do this nifty thing where I just don’t eat a lot of something if I don’t like it, rather than insulting the cook.” ~ InannasPocket

“NTA. I’m not a vegan, my partner is not a vegan (we’re omnivores), most of our friends are not vegan.”

“However, when we have parties (or when we used to have parties in The Old Times (pre-covid) we mostly provide vegan food because it’s an easy way to make sure vegans, vegetarians, people with dairy intolerances, our Muslim friends, etc, etc, can all eat together confident that they won’t eat anything they shouldn’t.”

“Anyone who objects to being considerate is most definitely TA. Your friend needs to dump him and enjoy your lovely cakes.” ~ MavisGrizzletits

“NTA. He is. Just because some idiot says he didn’t like it doesnt mean no one else would.”

“He was Rude to you. You should had told him to stick it in his ear.”

“Your friend is a grown a** woman & perfectly able to make her own decisions.”

“It would not surprise me if he is abusive to her. NEVER let anyone Bully You like that again.” ~ Competitive_Tea2413

“NTA. Just so we’re clear a birthday cake is for the birthday person because you know it’s their birthday and when that birthday person is a vegan, they get a vegan cake.”

“I wouldn’t have wrapped up anything and left, I’d have reminded him it’s not his birthday so maybe he should go about his day while the vegan birthday girl eats her vegan cheesecake.”

“Your friends who think it shouldn’t have been a vegan dessert are just as bad, IT’S NOT ABOUT THEM.”

“How unbelievably disrespectful to the birthday girl. Wow.” ~ aprl2271

“NTA… I swear to God People who get butthurt over vegan food are the worst.”

“I really enjoy vegan food, especially vegan dessert. If I was in her boyfriend’s shoes, not only would I have eaten it and enjoyed it, I’d have eaten it so fast I would be getting comments like I’m a vacuum cleaner or asked if I tasted it.”

“I’m not vegan, but I like vegan food. Plus, he’s coming off as a self-centered, pretentious prick.”

“It wasn’t even made for him to begin with, it was for your friend.” ~ Reddit

“NTA, but Layla’s BF is a huge one. I second the suggestion that you show his texts to her so she knows what she’s dealing with.”

“And it’s not like you’re a random person who is experimenting with making vegan versions of dishes. You run a frickin vegan bakery!!!”

“If your cake was objectively lousy, you’d be out of business very quickly!”

“The only person’s opinion who matters is Layla, since it was her birthday party.”

“Did she get a piece? What did she think of it?” ~ FoolishStone

NTA. You made a cake for a birthday gal who is vegan, of course you would make a vegan cake. It’s rule number one that you don’t bring a cake that the guest of honor can’t/won‘t eat.”

“And the fight isn’t on you, no matter what the future Ex Layla‘s boyfriend thinks. It’s about him being a jerk about her life choice and her friend.”

“Since you left with your desert it’s time to call Layla and tell her that you have a lovely vegan Oreo cheesecake for her and when would she like to come over to dive into it and a bottle of wine. Don’t even mention him.” ~ Annual-Contract-115

“NTA, you brought the person who’s birthday it was their favourite dessert, the person the party was for on their birthday, the birthday girl.”

“Boyfriend is a colossal ah, he behaved like a toddler, you did something nice for his girlfriend instead of putting him & his preference first. How dare you be considerate of her taste!”

“I’m fairly certain that they’ve had multiple versions of that same argument so don’t allow him or his friends to dump any of the blame on you if they split up because you did nothing wrong.” ~ Kindly-Platform-2193

We would like to try this cake and judge for ourselves.

Vegan doesn’t always mean flavorless.