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Teen Claps Back After ‘Irritable’ Male Teacher Won’t Let Her Go To Bathroom While On Period

Female teen student speaking with male teacher
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Even before 2023, you would think that basic human functions, like being able to eat or use the restroom, would be considered a right instead of a privilege.

But some people in positions of power seem to have never gotten that memo, cringed the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit.

While in a class with a difficult teacher, Redditor biznatch5000 was surprised when he would not allow her to leave the classroom to address her period.

When he turned her need into classroom entertainment, the Original Poster (OP) decided to call her teacher out.

She asked the sub:

“AITA for telling my teacher, ‘Would you rather I bled on your white chair?’ in front of the class?”

The OP had a basic human need during one of her classes.

“I (14 Female) got my period in class. We weren’t doing anything important, so I asked to leave for the restroom.”

“For context, this teacher is known for being very irritable.”

“He refused, so I told him I genuinely needed to go.”

“Instead of listening, he mocked me, saying, ‘Oh, so you HAVE to go’ in front of the class.”

“I asked again calmly, and he again said no.”

The OP had had enough of the situation.

“At this point, the room was silent so I got stressed under pressure (I was being laughed at).”

“I snapped, ‘Well, would you rather I bled all over your white chair?'”

“He was visibly angry but let me go.”

The OP was conflicted after the fact.

“When I got back to class, he seemed annoyed still, so I’m not sure if I overreacted.”

“I feel like I may be the a**hole because I shouted at my teacher and embarrassed him in front of 30 people.”


Fellow Redditors weighed in:

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Some supported the OP and felt the incident should have been reported.

“Situations like this are mad f**ked up. I have colitis (i.e., CRAP BLOOD) and I’m SOOOOOOOO grateful it didn’t develop until I was an adult. The very thought of having to explain this to a jerk of a teacher makes me cringe… at 43.”

“I give OP all the props for having the courage to clap back about the white chair.”

“NTA but seriously, kids with digestive disorders or bladder disorders shouldn’t have to expose their disorders to teachers in front of other students JUST to go to the d**n bathroom… and certainly not when you’re on your period, either.” – Zealousideal-Log-152

“You showed a lot of courage, fortitude, and inner strength in that moment. You deserve to feel proud of yourself!” – DragonCelica

“You’re NTA.”

“I tend to have a policy in my classroom of basically one student out at a time, roughly by gender, but I’m unsure of which washrooms some use so it’s usually a one-out-per-bathroom policy.”

“But my students also know, if they NEED to go right away, to just tell me and I’ll let them go anyway. I don’t need to know why, because I trust them to not take advantage of this, and if they did, then I would lose trust in those individuals.”

“Usually, I respond with, ‘X is out, can you wait until they’re back?’ Usually it’s a, ‘Yeah.’ And when it’s a no, then off you go!”

“Your teacher was an a**hole. Unless he had multiple students out of the room already, he had no reason to say no.”

“And when you insisted that you needed to go immediately, there really wasn’t a reason for him to deny you.”

“He absolutely should have given you his reason why he’s saying no.” – Ohcrumbcakes

“From a random 40-ish woman, great job. I’m sorry you had to deal with that, but you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. The dude is just trying to wield power for power’s sake and he is the one who should be ashamed.” – stellabluebear

“Absolutely NTA, it really irritates me how many teachers think kids can just hold in their period. They just assume every time they want to go to the bathroom it is to waste time.” – peanuts_mum


“NTA. I’m so f**king sick of teachers and especially male teachers trying to domineer teenagers over bodily functions. They did it before my time, during my time, and clearly still going on after my time.”

“He was ridiculously out of line and in a long tradition of s**tty teachers being s**tty. Never second-guess advocating for yourself, especially in cases like this.”

“Your response was perfect and you should be absolutely proud for standing up for yourself so well.” – educatedinsolence

“NTA. I am so proud of you, girl!”

“Having a period is not a choice or a decision or a hobby you picked, and as an adult, he should know this, he is teaching teenagers…”

“He is an adult and this whole situation in front of the class could be really uncomfortable to you, but you stood up for yourself.” – kissaranka

“As a 31-year-old grown woman, this is bada** as f**k, and I only wish I had your confidence to do this back then.”

“I hope to raise my own daughter to boldly stand up like this.”

“This is amazing, you should be so proud of yourself. It’s extremely rare for a girl your age to speak up for herself especially when it’s an adult but even more so regarding a period.”

“As an adult men still act like a child about even mentioning our period as if we’re supposed to pretend that it doesn’t happen lol. Like I’m sorry would you prefer I just act like this isn’t a part of life when we all know women get this, lol (laughing out loud).”

“You are incredible. You are so clearly independent and capable of standing up for yourself and that makes you decades ahead of the game.”

“You probably just made a ton of girls in that class feel a lot more confident as well.”

“I don’t even know you and I’m proud.” – LibertasNeco

Others supported the OP and felt the incident should have been reported.

“You should speak to someone about that incident.”

“Him being an adult should already know that people going through puberty shouldn’t need to even be asked for a reason to go to the restroom. That was inappropriate, to begin with.” – allMightyMostHigh

“F**k that teacher. Honestly, I would complain to some female in the school about this or to your parents. It’s entirely unreasonable for a teacher to give you a hard time for going to the bathroom, especially as you were trying to keep it on the DL (down-low).”

“NTA, and please report them.” – Slag-Bear

“NTA, and I admire your bravery. His pathetic stupid a** should be ashamed.”

“I would also report him to the principal or get your mom to call the school because you should NEVER have to disclose your private medical information to ‘earn the right’ to use the bathroom.”

“Teachers like this are exactly what is wrong with the education system.” – BattleSuper9505

“Report him. It’s an abuse of power.”

“I had my physics teacher give me a pink slip because he wouldn’t let me go. I finally just walked out of class. I went to the bathroom, and brought my tampon wrapped up, and left it on his table.”

“Not once did he ever say no again when I asked to go and never again did he question it. He would always use the reason, ‘girls just use it as an excuse to get out class.'” – Phaevolt

“NTA, don’t worry BUT, be prepared, the teacher seems to be an egoistic one. He may escalate the matter, and you may have to explain it to some senior of his, but say it clearly, I don’t think that the school management wants to get accused of stopping a girl in periods for her bathroom. The teacher would be screwed.”

“But it is also a possibility that he would make your life a living h**l in a subtle way, so I would suggest reporting this, because from my personal experience, and your description he is h**l-bent against you, so remove him before he can do anything.” – Content-Restaurant70


“The fact that a grown man in a teacher’s role doesn’t seem to understand what periods are and how they work is outrageous.”

“Teenage girls who get heavy periods often need to go to the toilet more often than the usual break times. This isn’t complicated to understand.”

“Likewise any student may have health issues that mean they need to go to the toilet more than a ‘typical’ person.”

“Making this more difficult than it already is, that’s a d**k move right there.”

“I would absolutely report him, because what’s it going to be like for a girl who doesn’t have your enormous strength of character and assertiveness?” – YouSayWotNow

“NTA. If you were my daughter I’d be exceedingly proud of you.”

“Also, I would let your parents know and report this teacher to the administration. Regardless of policy, mocking you in front of the class is absolutely unacceptable and unprofessional.” – Guardian-Boy

“I’d tell your parents and report it to the school.”

“I’m in my 30s and for a good year after leaving school, I was still scared of asking to go to the loo at work because of how drilled into me it was to ask. Work environments don’t require permission because we are adults but the drilling at school took a while to let go.”

“Report it and next time don’t even ask, just go and if you’re pulled up on it tell them exactly why, we can’t control bodily functions so when you need to go you need to go.”

“Entirely NTA and good for you for standing up to him.” – fergie_89

While they were furious that the OP even had to put up with this situation, the subReddit was overwhelmingly proud of the young student for standing up for herself and responding so confidently in the moment. The only “criticism” they really had was for the student to also report the teacher for his behavior.

Written by McKenzie Lynn Tozan

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