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Pregnant Woman Furious After Husband Refuses To Name Their Baby After Parody TikTok Trend

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Choosing names for anything can be stressful.

People have anxiety about naming pets, plants, and even cars.

So imagine the pressure when naming a brand new baby.

Not every choice will be unanimous.

Case in point…

Redditor HusbandLife25 wanted to discuss his experience and get some feedback. So naturally, he came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

He asked:

“AITA for telling my wife that name she chose for our baby is bad?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:


“Wife of 4 years wants to name our daughter after a tiktok trend called Jiafei.”

“I suggested shortened name and now won’t speak to me.”

“I (25 M[ale]) got married to Betty (27 F[emale]),4 years ago, and we have a baby (2 M).”

“Betty found out she was pregnant 6 months ago.”

“Her friend (30 F) Angie recommended TikTok while she is pregnant.”

“Betty downloaded it and is obsessed.”

“Recently, she discovered a trend about these Chinese bot parody accounts, called Jiafei.”

“Now, we knew the gender 3 months ago.”

“First, we had the name Sadie picked out.”

“Now, she wants to name our daughter Jiafei.”

“I told her that it is a bad name and I don’t like it.”

“She said the name sounds beautiful.”

“I suggested the name Jia instead.”

“She refused and won’t talk to me until we come up with an agreement.”

“She told her mom that I was pressuring her to make the name Sadie.”

“She called me and said I was an a**hole for ‘pressuring her.'”

“So, AITA for refusing the name Jiafei?”

Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA?:

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Many Redditors declared OP was NOT the A**hole.

Let’s hear some thoughts…

“NTA. Why does she already hate her daughter?”  ~ stacity

“I have a horrible name, please, please don’t do that to your child… don’t let that happen to your child.”

“I have literally gotten passed by on job interviews because they couldn’t pronounce my name.”

“I have been called literally everything but my name by every child I grew up around and now every new adult I meet.”

“I am so sick of explaining not only how to pronounce my name but it seems like every damn person needs to know where/why/how/etc.”

“I don’t want to explain it again.”

“I freaking hate small talk and I’d rather talk about the weather.”

“Don’t, please don’t.”

“Read this like I’m little Jiafei in the future.”

“This is my actual life and I wouldn’t wish it on a single soul.”

“Just sitting here thinking about this and hoping OP sees this.”

“I could read before I could spell my own name because my name doesn’t make sense phonetically.”

“Definitely doesn’t make sense with English pronunciations (not that my name is from another country, it’s literally a made-up word).”

“The amount of disappointment I went through as a kid when we went to the zoo or the aquarium or wherever I couldn’t get a little keychain with my name on it, not even a misspelled version!”

“But my sister, man, she always rubbed her keychain and her regular name in my face, it sounds stupid but I truly felt inferior.”

“I’m almost 30 and I’ve got tears in my eyes about a damn keychain!”  ~ sold-separately

“Dude, I have a relatively normal name, just mildly uncommon, and I get it mispronounced frequently and don’t have a little keychain with my name on it.”

“And my name isn’t even that uncommon and the treatment I got was still garbage.”

“There’s like 3 characters from movies and shows with my name and that’s it.”

“I also struggled with spelling my name and had to make a song to remember it and when tired I’ll still drop a letter.

“I get you.”

“Names are so important.”

“People decide who you are based on your name.”

“Especially employers.”  ~ naobilynni

“I feel this post.”

“Also have an unusual name, though it’s an actual existing name just foreign to my home country and also in English.”

“One of the letters has a different letter sounding than its spelling.”

“It was extremely annoying growing up and I also have those poor memories about never finding my name in Keychain and other things.”

“Man, that sucked.”

“And I am in my mid-30s.”

“I am now accepting of my name and no longer angry but dude.”

“Every single time I meet a new person or go to a job interview I know one of the questions will be where my name is from, what it means, etc.”

“They usually say it’s beautiful but as I hated it for so much of my formative years I keep thinking they are just being polite and friendly and don’t actually mean it.”

“It sucks.”

“I’m a big advocate for normal boring sounding names though yes I do recognize it based in my own experience.”  ~ ladylyrande

“NTA. Using names that aren’t from your language or culture is a pretty risky move.”

“Ultimately you are giving a name to a grown woman with a job.”

“And a life 28 years down the road and having a name nobody knows how to pronounce or spell will be exhausting.”

“So she will probably change it or go by a nickname anyway.”

“And every time your wife explains where the name came from, people are going to mentally deduct 15 points from whatever IQ they assumed she has.”

“Maybe you could name her Gia, middle name Faye.” ~ ProjectedSpirit

“NTA. How TF does your wife expect to come to an agreement with you if she won’t talk to you?”

“It is time to wipe the slate clean and start over.”

“Throw out Sadie, Jiafei, and Jia.”

“You could look to fictional characters for names, such as Leia or Juliet.”

“You could use a famous woman’s name, such as Mariah, Meryl, or Frida.”

“There are so many possibilities that you and your wife should be able to find something you can agree on.” ~ Sea-Confection-2627

“NTA. Both parents need to agree.”

“I wouldn’t use a parody name or a trendy name, but when I hear the name Sadie, I think of the song Sexy Sadie, lol.”

“My stepdaughter was given a name that was very popular in her age group with about 5 different spellings.”

“It sounds like you need a middle ground between nonboring and nontrendy. Good luck.”

“As an aside, grandparents or anyone else don’t get a vote on a name.”

“They had their chance when they named their own children and need to back off.”  ~ tatersprout


“‘Won’t talk to you until you come up with an agreement’ sounds like ‘won’t talk to you until you cave.'”

“This is a silly thing to be fighting over, to be honest, and your wife is probably just on edge right now.”

“Go buy her some flowers and chocolates (she is pregnant, after all), and when you’ve made up calmly tell her this isn’t about you not respecting her choice.”

“It’s about the fact that naming a baby after a trend is likely to cause them to be bullied/made fun of in the future and you don’t want that for your kid.”  ~ Korike0017

“NTA. I saw another post recently about a kid who’s named after a Harry Potter character because their parents are superfans.”

“You and your wife really don’t want to be those parents…”

“Your kid will grow up A) having to painfully explain their name’s meaning and spelling to every person they meet at every icebreaker event and…”

“B) be a living homage to a social media trend.”

“That’ll humiliate them until they are 18 and can go legally change it.”

“You’re going to be one-half of the kid’s parents, so you have the right to some creative control here.”

“Try talking to your wife about a name of family or cultural significance as a starting point—she might be more likely to switch to liking that kind of name.”  ~ Major-Masterpiece921

“NTA. You should both agree on the name of your child as you’re both its parents.”

“Each of you gets to veto the other until you find a name that you can both agree on.”

“That said, I don’t know that there is anything wrong with the name Jiafei other than that you don’t like it and that is entirely your right.”

“If you didn’t tell me what Jiafei was then I would assume it is an ethnic name and think nothing of it.”  ~ GlidingToLife

“NTA. Sorry, but the name is terrible and the child will resent her eventually when they ask why that name.”

“Agree with her not to use Sadie as she obviously doesn’t like it now.”

“But also tell her you won’t use the name she wants as you dislike it, so it has to be something you both agree on together.” ~ minionoftheinternet

“NTA- Not speaking to you and refusing to compromise is very immature.”

“Parents need to agree, even if you have to go through several names.” ~ acintheheat

Reddit understands your distress, OP.

Naming a child is something parents do together.

Maybe let things calm down a bit and you can both revisit this with fresh perspectives.

Congrats and good luck…