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Teen Unloads On Classmate After She Posts Cruel Video Mocking Students’ Old Laptops

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Redditor airltacheck is a teen student from Ireland who lives in a town they described as having a “financial divide.”

The wealth gap was made even more apparent at the school.

After a confrontation for a shaming incident, the Original Poster (OP) visited the “Am I the A**hole” (AITA) subReddit and asked:

“AITA for telling a girl to check her privilege?”

The OP explained:

“My school made the switch from paper to laptops/iPads two years ago, and since then you can really see whose parents have money.”

“I’m currently using some Asus my uncle gave me because my family are below the poverty line, he bought it in 2011, and although the battery is shot, it still runs and word works so I don’t need much else.”

“There is a pretty big financial divide in my town, and thus a large divide in the school, which is one of two secondary schools.”

“A girl in my class posted a tiktok where she was rating people’s laptops/iPads, she recorded mine which was plugged in with it’s external hard drive and you could very clearly see the left side of the screen that is broken.”

“She rated it a -3/10 of and wrote ‘Poor girl’ and zoomed in on my shoes to prove a point, my shoes are fine they’re just not air force 1s.”

“Other laptops that weren’t the latest MacBook or the latest iPad got rated pretty low. One of my friends showed me her video, and I confronted her about it.”

“She seems really sheltered and I asked her to take it down. She refused so then I told her, saying that it’s incredibly classist and I don’t want that on the internet.”

“She still refused and I got madder each time, eventually I just said, ‘check your f**king privilege, not everyone can afford a €2000 [$2,381] laptop and not everyone f**king prioritizes flashy over functional.'”

“She hasn’t taken down the video, and my friend who showed me it says I overreacted and that made me an a**hole. She said she’s just sheltered and I shouldn’t overreact like that.”


Strangers were asked to declare one of the following:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH – No A**holes Here

Many Redditors sided with the OP and declared they were not the a**hole.

“NTA. Not understanding that not everyone can afford new electronics = sheltered. Identifying that someone is ‘poor’ and dragging them for it = a**hole.” – snootnoots

“NTA. Her video is essentially bullying everyone who doesn’t have the latest apple product.”

“Personally, I’d report the video to the school. They were incredibly short sighted to switch to digital without providing the hardware themselves.” – janewilson90

“NTA. Please show admin this video.”

“It’s cyber bullying and it’s being filmed directly in the school.”

“If they get wishywashy about it – be assertive. ‘This was filmed in the school without my permission. I have now been out on the internet specifically with the intent to mock me. This is cyber bullying and an invasion of my privacy. Deal with it before I go to the media.’”

“I say this as a teacher.”

“Cyber bullying is hard to deal with for schools because it happens outside of school hours. But in this instance – it’s VERY clearly done AT SCHOOL. It will be a PR nightmare for them. Make them deal with it.” – Ohcrumbcakes

“NTA, one thing to make a video rating computers/tablets. Another one phrasing it in such a way it’s just humiliating. However in this context she was definitely out to rant against those poorer than her, sad.” – Mera1506

“That friend is not your friend – and good for you for sticking up for yourself.”

“Comfort yourself knowing that if that video stays up it’s going to haunt her for the rest of her life/future career (despite how it might seem, most companies don’t want the negativity publicity that an employee mocks those with less money… especially a child with less money)”

“Stay strong, and good for you too realizing something most adults never learn (leading to debt and bad credit!) – function IS what’s most important! NTA.” – Powerful-Peace-9826

“It might not be illegal, but bullying is likely against tiktok’s site policy. You can consider reporting the video to the platform for harassment against yourself.” – spiritfiend

“Yes it is, she still filmed and posted you without consent in school which is defined as a safe space as well as government and private property.”

“Why do you think documentaries have people with blurred faces? Because they need consent, it’s absolutely illegal what she did. Report it. Also NTA.” – wyckedblonde00

While the rules about non-consensual filming in the UK were dubious in the comments, the OP confirmed she was from Ireland and said:

“In Ireland, it is not illegal to record anyone without their consent, its up to the owner/principal to decide what is and isn’t prohibited. My school doesn’t do sh*t about it.”

“There’s no laws on it here, it’s not illegal to film someone without consent. Not everywhere is America.”

“We’re talking about a country that only made revenge porn illegal a few months ago, you really think recording someone fully clothed will be illegal yet?”

To which a Redditor responded:

“Ireland is in the EU and under EU data protection laws what she did is banned. you can definitely report her.”

“If it holds for the EU, it holds for Ireland.” – bluepoolstojumpinto

The Irish community confirmed some information on how the OP could take action.

“I’m a teacher in Ireland. Go to the principal, go to the deputies, go to your year head.”

“This is bullying for a start and most schools have strict rules about filming people in school and posting online. Don’t let them drop it or sweep it under the rug.” – rabbitinasantasuit

“I’m Irish, I live in Ireland. This is illegal.”

“ETA- under GDPR personally identifiable data includes videos images. Consent is required, particularly when sharing images of a minor. Parental permission is required and the school are required to take this seriously.”

“Also, this is bullying, which would fall under school policy too. If the school doesn’t listen, go to the board of directors.” – carraigfraggle

“Get your parents involved. Irish law around recording and sh*t is really bad so you probably won’t get much help there but also try and report the video on the platform. What an AH that girl is.” – Squidjit89

Overall, Redditors tried to convince the OP this was bullying and the classmate needed to be reported.

However, the OP updated their post indicating that reporting the incident was not in the cards.

“It is not a crime to record someone without consent here, regardless of how old said person is.”

“If you want me to reply to anything, inbox it to me I’m in AITA jail.”

“Guys, even if I wanted to report this, I can’t. It won’t work too well in my favor, regardless of how you take that.”

“Whole account has been suspended, no replies for 3 days lads sorry.”

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