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Woman Quits On The Spot After Misogynistic Boss Refuses To Accept Her Resignation

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Some jobs are just not worth the stress.

Toxicity and mental health are important things to take into consideration.

They have long term effects.

Yes, money is important and takes priority.

But sometimes… at what cost?

Case in point…

Redditor Iquitscrewyou wanted to discuss her experience and get some feedback. So naturally, she came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

She asked:

“AITA for walking out after a boss tried to refuse to accept my resignation?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I had a boss who was a real turd.”

“He labored under the delusion he was an excellent boss and couldn’t put together that his behavior and the crappy pay was why he had such a hard time keeping employees.”

“He also thought it was acceptable to call his female employees hun, sweetie, and sugar.”

“He was a condescending a**wipe who consistently passed over more qualified women for promotions in favor of promoting less qualified men.”

“I had to stay until I could find a better job because I enjoy eating.”

“And I couldn’t afford to leave unless I had something else.”

“I got an interview with a competitor who hired me on making more than I made with him.”

“I turned in my two weeks and he said ‘Oh sweetie, you know you can’t leave.'”

“I said I absolutely am leaving.”

“He got the smuggest look on his face and said ‘Well, I’m not accepting this, sugar. Guess you’re here to stay.'”

“I got so furious and decided that was it.”

“I said ‘Well screw this then, I quit. Effective immediately.'”

“Called my new job, explained what happened in front of him as he sat there slack jawed and agreed start the next day.”

“I packed my stuff and left.”

“A former coworker said it was an a**hole thing for me to just up and quit on the spot.”

“But if he refused to accept the resignation he could easily have tried to screw me over when my last day did come.”

“My new boss says he deserved it and I’m not the a**hole for quitting like I did.”

“My boyfriend says he can see how other employees might feel like I was an a**hole by making them cover my absence.”

“But sees how I’m not the a**hole for walking out of that toxic environment.”

“So just because I’m curious, I thought I’d ask here.”


Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • NAH – No A**holes Here
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here

Many Redditors declared OP was NOT the A**hole.

“NTA. 2 weeks notice is a courtesy that your former boss did not deserve.” ~ REDDIT

“There’s a real problem with workplace harassment in way more categories than just that.”

“Any time something happens that might jeopardize a company’s reputation, their immediate instinctive reaction is ALWAYS ‘how can we HIDE this?'”

“People in higher up positions often feel empowered to just bully people and often commit outright sexual harassment or assault, because they know they won’t get punished.”

“The company will just bury it. It’s sickening.” ~ Moakmeister

“I love when people say this like it’s just easy to stand up to these creeps.”

“Like women aren’t vilified every single day for standing up against sexual harassment and abuse.”

“Usually saying anything leads to an insurmountable amount of drama.”

“I don’t blame her for cutting ties and leaving.”

“Too many victim blaming jerks on this planet for it even to be worth the stress.”  ~ brittneyCPa

“Yeah, you’re basically never the a-hole for quitting a job.”

“Notice is nice to do if they’ve been decent to you, but otherwise it’s typically not required (obviously check local laws).”

“You never owe your job anything more than the work you were hired to do.”

“If you resign or quit, end of transaction.”

“You owe them nothing more.” ~ Dracarys_Aspo

“NTA. The way your former boss responded to your giving notice made my skin crawl.”

“You were right not to accept his condescension and harassment.”

“Go enjoy your new, better job.” ~ sonnenshine

“NTA. Resigning is not ‘asking permission’ to leave, it’s letting them know that you’re leaving and what day you will stop turning up.”

“Barring the military and certain other rare exceptions you can walk out any time you want, whether he chooses to ‘accept’ it or not.”

“The only time I knew of a boss refusing a resignation was a place I worked where the teenage son of a woman who had worked there for years, and had got him a temporary job over Christmas, was caught stealing.”

“She handed in her resignation the next day and the boss told her he wasn’t accepting it, no one blamed her or thought any less of her, it was just a stupid teenage thing.”

“She stayed, and happily stayed for years after.” ~ CarlBassett

“NTA, that’s not just disrespectful on his part, that’s also sexual harassment.”

“Then him telling you since he won’t accept it you can’t leave, is horribly creepy as well.”  ~ whitewer

“At the last job I worked at an insanely toxic veterinary practice.”

“I was HORRIFIED to tell my boss I was putting in my two-week notice, because my boss was notorious for getting so upset by two-week notices that 9 out of 10 times she’d just make the person leave on the spot.”

“When I finally got the balls to tell her she straight up answered ‘hmm okay… Well I might actually need you for three weeks.'”

“Which I ignored because… f**k no.”

“And then the next week she proceeded to tell me how much I hurt her feelings by only giving her a two-week notice when I’d been working there for three years.”

“She was a psycho.”

“I assume she only reacted this way towards me because I worked ALL the shifts nobody else wanted, I did ALL the tedious cleaning that nobody else wanted to do, plus I was quiet and stayed out of her way.”

“She was prob just upset she couldn’t abuse me for $12 an hour anymore.” ~ REDDIT

“You’re NTA at all.”

“You tried to do the right thing, but he didn’t accept it, called you condescending names, and try to deny your autonomy.”

“Sleep well knowing you’re away from this monster. “

“You did the best thing you could considering the circumstances.” ~ GrymDraig

“NTA. You did what you were supposed to do.”

“You gave him notice and he refused to accept it.”

“Were you supposed to continue working there because he said you couldn’t quit?”

“Anyone who is saying YTA is delusional.”

“Congrats on your new position!” ~ KnownPlum

“Not OP but I have a friend who wrote a two-week notice on paper and gave it to her manager.”

“At the same time, she told him verbally she was giving two-week notice.”

“The manager crumpled up the paper and threw it in a trashcan and said let’s talk about this tomorrow.”

“My friend was like uh my answer is not changing, but the manager again said let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

“The manager didn’t bring the topic up again and my friend figured the manager was just trying to get the 2 weeks to start tomorrow instead of today.”

“Because in 15 days was a busy Saturday shift, and she was known for handling a lot of work on those days.”

“My friend, she kept working the next 2 weeks and when the manager tried to schedule her that extra day she stood her ground and didn’t work that day.”

“The boss didn’t argue her on it ’cause he knew he was being ridiculous I guess.”

“OP’s boss sounds like my friend’s boss but extra sleazy.”

“He was trying to delay the notice I’m guessing.” ~ Jagermeister4

“NTA. I’ve been working for 20+ years in a corporate-type job.”

“2 weeks is a courtesy that we as employees give to our employer.”

“Make no mistake, many employers can give us exactly ZERO notice when they separate us from the company.”

“You are NOT beholden to treat them better than they treat you.”

“Since this person didn’t treat you that well, you are 100% in the right.”

“Congratulations on the new position!” ~ BisquickNinja

“NTA. You tried to quit nicely, he was a *ick so you left.”

“You had every right.”

“Your former co-workers might have paid for it by having to pick up your load and may have got the brunt of his ire but that’s not on you.”

“You’re 100% NTA.” ~ Demented-Alpaca

“NTA. Your boss was out of line, first by calling you those kinds of names, but also because he tried to manipulate you by saying he wouldn’t accept your resignation.”

“He doesn’t get to refuse your resignation and he hoped he could say it and you wouldn’t know that and he could force you into staying.” ~ REDDIT

“NTA. You’re not the property of the company.”

“This guy was completely undeserving of respect since he clearly unwilling to give any.”

“Staying the full two weeks after notice would have just given him more time to either try to convince you to stay (find a way to force you to stay, if there was some way he could get away with it) or to make your last two weeks a waking nightmare.” ~ TarantulaPets

Well OP, Reddit is clearly with you.

You needed to protect yourself.

You tried to do the right thing.

Good luck with your next gig.