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Teen Livid When Mom Refuses To Buy Her Concert Tickets After She Called Teacher’s Son ‘Anorexic’

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Kids can same some very surprising things.

When they’re younger it’s a laugh riot.

But once you reach a certain age, some language and thoughts aren’t so funny anymore.

Case in point…

Redditor throwaway__r0 wanted to discuss her experience and get some feedback. So naturally, she came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

She asked:

“AITA for not buying my daughter concert tickets?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“My 16 year old daughter Riley really does not like one of her teachers, Ms A.”

“This was a bit surprising to me as the teacher has a very good reputation and has helped out so many kids in bad situations and is just a generally nice person.”

“But my daughter HATES her.”

“She’ll rant about how annoying she is for ages but she’s never given an actual reason.”

“I tell her that she’s allowed to rant and all that but don’t say these things to her face and try not to go too far either.”

“I hated some teachers during my childhood that I now respect/understand so I really didn’t think it was a major issue.”

“Well, I got a call from Riley while she was at school and she was begging me to pick her up.”

“I arrived immediately but she refused to tell me what happened.”

“She did crack eventually though.”

“She told me that Ms. A was having a conversation with another student.”

“And she mentioned one of her sons names.”

“So Riley quickly looked them up on social media and went up to her teacher and asked if he was her son.”

“Ms A said yes (hesitantly apparently) and then Riley started laughing and said some really mean things about her son.”

“To be specific, she called him anorexic and skeleton-like.”

“Turns out, the boy did have anorexia.”

“Ms A got really upset and asked her to please work in the library for the remainder of the period.”

“I was horrified.”

“And it was clear that my daughter was feeling apologetic but Jesus Ch**st?”

“This was insanely disrespectful.”

“I told Riley that she was grounded and that she needed to apologize to Ms A immediately.”

“I then told her that I wouldn’t be buying her concert tickets.”

“She got really upset and was all like ‘how was I supposed to know?”

“But that just makes me more upset because it would still be wrong even if he wasn’t anorexic.”

“She cried and cried about the concert and called me really mean.”

“My husband thinks the grounding is fine but the concert tickets is overdoing it.”

“He thinks that it probably isn’t a huge deal because Ms A just sent Riley to the library.”

“And didn’t send her to the office or anything and I’m ‘doing too much.'”

“I don’t know if it matters but I had anorexia when I was younger so I might be reacting emotionally.”

“Or at least my husband (and daughter) says so.”

“I don’t know, AITA?”

Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA?:

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Many Redditors declared OP was NOT the A**hole.

Let’s hear some thoughts…

“NTA. She made the comments with the intent to be hurtful.”

“The fact that one was close to the truth is moot.”  ~ TinyRascalSaurus

“Not only that, she almost certainly looked up Ms. A’s son on social media with the express purpose of saying something hurtful to/about him.”

“That’s just so incredibly mean, it demands a strong response. NTA.”  ~ flooperdooper4

“I was surprised by the husband’s response about the teacher not making it into a big deal when she literally sent the girl away to get space and not deal with her nasty personality.”

“Kids can be jerks and daughter was 100% awful.”

“OP you are doing great and right to be angry or upset.”

“You are not overreacting or reacting emotionally.”

“Many people wouldn’t be pleased if their child pulled a stunt like this and would do the same in your shoes.” ~ AtDawnsEnd502

“I used to be a teacher and, first hand, kids can be very cruel.”

“The teacher was kind to her – she could have reprimanded her further and been absolutely right to.”

“I appreciate seeing a parent who is taking this seriously.”

“A teacher works harder than you see on the surface, and it’s exhausting mentally, physically, and emotional at times.”

“Imagine going through a tough time, still managing to plan, prepare, present a lesson, and engage students, just for someone and put you down.”

“No one should feel like that.”  ~ OurOwnDust

“Exactly and it sounds like your daughter is a little bully. How cruel to make fun of someone’s looks male or female.”

“She was definitely trying to get back at a teacher she wasn’t happy with.”

“You are doing the right thing and this strong punishment will help her understand that making fun and laughing at someone is wrong. NTA.”  ~ CharmingComposer95

“The daughter went out of the way to make fun of the kid.”

“It does not matter if she knew or didn’t know that the kid had anorexia, just like it doesn’t matter if the kid had anorexia or not.”

“She literally made fun of somebody with the intention of hurting the person.”

“That makes the child an AH.”

“And anyone making excuses for her actions is also an AH.”  ~ Msp1278

“I had to look up her age again.”

“I thought she was 12 or 13, ages that were my prime ahole years, but she’s 16. 16!”

“She knows better, and was a bully plain and simple.”

“NTA, mom is teaching her words hurt and behavior has consequences.”  ~ saurons-cataract

“Intention doesn’t matter, impact does – doesn’t matter if she didn’t know about his condition.”

“And let’s be honest, she was trying to be malicious when she pulled that kid’s picture up to make fun of him.”

“And that fact that the teacher only asked her to work in the library is a reflection of her maturity and restraint, not that it wasn’t a big deal.”

“NTA. She doesn’t deserve a concert.”  ~ SightMiner333

“And she looked him up after overhearing the teacher talk about him to a different student.”

“What on earth is this kid’s problem with this particular teacher?”

“Because this whole thing is a level of malicious that I can’t wrap my head around.”

“OP is NTA, and her husband needs to get in the same page or get out of the way.”

“This behavior cannot be ignored.” ~ EducatedOwlAthena

“OP made the right call. NTA.”

“But it sounds like your daughter is a bully and could use some behavioral therapy.”

“And a short leash for a while while she learns some empathy skills.”

“Keep an eye on her friends and limit her contact with the ones who may be rewarding this behavior.”  ~ AccousticMotorboat

“NTA – as long as you don’t back off, OP.”

“You’ve raised an entitled mean girl.”

“Please get her back on track.”

“She intentionally harmed someone regardless of whether she knew it would be extra harmful.”

“She’s literally bullying adults because she’s not worried about any serious repercussions.”

“She should be earning privileges like tickets not just expecting them.”

“You need to get your spouse on the same page or he will undermine you.” ~ Sorcia_Lawson

“NTA, fortunately your daughter has time to learn, but your husband?”

“Does he really think it isn’t a big deal because Riley was only sent to the library?”  ~ unpopularcryptonite

“NTA. Omg, please nip this in the bud and enforce the no concert tickets as punishment.”

“Your daughter is boldly and sociopathically bullying her teacher.”

“Get her a counselor asap to get to the root of why she is doing something so inexplicably cruel.” ~ Puzzleheaded-Big1680

“NTA. The fact that the teacher only sent her to the library shows what a decent person she is.”

“Your daughter had no right to infringe on her privacy like that, let alone confront her over it.”

“Insanely disrespectful is an understatement.”  ~blucougar57

“OP’s daughter needs to think about the consequence of her actions.”

“If she comes up against a teacher or anyone in life who holds the keys to her graduation or next step in their education, career, pursuit of interests and they continue to be sent away therefore missing time or being kicked out then they will have big personal consequences and it will hurt them more than missing a concert.”

“OP won’t always be there like they were today to pick them up from school.”

“I my opinion they are doing their child a disservice by doing that.”

“If they missed other classes this puts them behind in those because of their actions.”

“The teacher AND the other students do not need or deserve this in the classroom.”

“That classroom is the teacher’s workspace and they are there all day.”

“That space and their family was disrespected and violated by OP’s child.”

“I wouldn’t have them back.” ~ BabeWhatsMyUsername

Well OP, Reddit seems to agree with your actions.

Maybe it would be a good idea to sit the husband down and read through all of this.

And then perhaps seek help outside of the home.

Good luck.