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Picky Eater Embarrasses Family By Having Burger King Delivered To Nice Restaurant They’re Dining At

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Being a picky eater is a problem lots of people face. But sometimes people can take their preferences just a bit too far.

A woman on Reddit found herself embroiled in drama with her family over this issue, when she insisted on ordering Burger King to a fancy restaurant where she didn’t like the food.

She wasn’t sure about how she’d handled things, so she went to the AITA (Am I The A**hole) subReddit for perspective.

The Original Poster, who goes by AccomplishedCandle83 on the site, asked:

“AITA for having different food delivered?”

She explained:

“On mobile so formatting might be off.”

“I’m 19F[emale] and I’ve been a picky eater my entire life. I don’t have any dietary restrictions that I know of but I usually hate most things I eat. My family went out to a hibachi restaurant and forced me to come with them.”

“Normally my mom will buy me fast food when we go out to dinner but she didn’t stop this time because we were running late and advised me to just get the hibachi chicken and I’ll live.”

“I complained that I’d hate it and my mom said I should try it because I might like it and because she’d been letting me live off chicken nuggets and instant ramen for too long but I really really don’t like most other foods. So I had some Burger King delivered to the hibachi place and ate it while the rest of my family enjoyed their hibachi.”

“Everyone in the restaurant looked at me funny but I didn’t care and just enjoyed my chicken fries. When we got home my mom said I embarrassed them in the restaurant by getting fast food delivered. But she didn’t stop for me and I paid for the delivery myself. AITA?”

People on Reddit were then asked to judge who was in the wrong in this situation based on the following categories:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH – No A**holes Here

As you might guess, they didn’t have a whole lot of sympathy for OP on this one.

“YTA.. if you’re going to make a spectacle of yourself.. stay home….”hellopdub

“This comment is absolutely right. The parents have no obligation to stop and get you fast food if you are the one being picky. If you’re 19 you’re old enough to get over these irrational diets. Don’t cause a commotion for some burger King. You honestly sound incredibly spoiled and ungrateful…”Ididaoopsy

“I’m shocked the restaurant even let it happen. Most places do not let you bring in outside food – especially food with logos all over it.”

“I am also a fairly picky eater (I mean not this level, but still) and I went to a hibachi restaurant for the first time recently and it was amazingly delicious. Like absolutely level 10 – I would have loved this as a child when I was extremely picky why didn’t I know about this my whole life delicious.”

“Everything you don’t try at least once could you be missing out on your absolutely favorite food for years and years.”Music_withrocks_In

“Seriously YTA. You need to expand your palate. Living off garbage food is no way to live.”Greedy-Text1251

“…My brother, like you, is a picky eater. I’m tired of chicken and fast food. I just want to eat something else. But i can’t, because my brother must be comfortable.”

“I’m 21 now and live alone. I now refuse to eat anywhere public if my brother is coming. Buffalo Wild Wings and McDonalds is exhausting to eat constantly. YTA. And so are your parents.”screaming-turtles

“I bet she was wondering why people were staring at her while she pulled that stunt.”

“‘Well, mom didn’t stop me and I paid for it, so I’m justified, right?'”

“No. In no way is this justified.”HeyYouShouldSmile

“Seriously, this. It’s SO rude to bring outside food to a restaurant unless you have strict dietary restrictions (allergies and whatnot) but even then, having fast food delivered is just beyond outrageously rude. I don’t see why OP can eat chicken fries from burger king but not eat plain grilled chicken?”Scootypuffs9

“Or just order BK when you get home! Most restaurants would never allow outside food in their establishment. YTA”RumHamHavoc

“YTA here OP; you and your parents for letting you go this long only ‘eating nuggets and noodles'”

“Honestly I blame your parents for your current state of mind over food. If they had done something sooner you wouldn’t be this big of an AH.”MasterpieceAmazing62

“YTA grow up, if you don’t want to eat any then don’t but don’t have food delivered to a restaurant it’s just disrespectful to the restaurant where you took up a seat and to the staff who I’m sure had to clean up after you”pinkpeonies3438

“I’m surprised the restaurant even allowed it tbh. OP could have waited and ordered food to their home.”Dickduck21

“Honestly, OP is lucky she wasn’t asked to leave. Most restaurants dont allow food from other restaurants to be eaten in their restaurant.”Electrical-Date-3951

“OP is old enough to deal with being hungry a bit. It’s not the restaurant’s fault she and her parents have conflict over this. I suspect she just wanted her parents to be punished for not catering to her whims this time.”HappyLucyD

“OMFG OP tell me you didn’t leave your trash for the restaurant to pick up after you?! If that’s the case, is there an option for YTBAITHOAITA (You The Biggest A In The History Of AITA) ? Ugh, next time, do everyone a favor and stay home.”Mrstonyvu

After reading her fellow Redditors’ responses, OP came back to add some updates.

“EDIT: No I’m not autistic and I don’t have any sensory issues. I literally just don’t like most food.”

“EDIT 2: OK OK I get it I’m TA here, you don’t have to DM me just to tell me that. Stop.”

Hopefully OP can learn to get past her food issues.

Written by Peter Karleby

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