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Guatemalan Woman Stunned After Boyfriend’s White Mom Calls Her A ‘Stupid Little Burnt Girl’


Redditor throwaway189655 is a 24-year-old female of Guatemalan descent who was in the process of moving to Florida because of a job opportunity.

Her 25-year-old boyfriend, referred to as “Owen,” was able to relocate with her, but the news did not go over well with his parents.

When a dinner invitation from Owens’ parents under the guise of reconciliation went south, the Redditor visited the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit asked:

“AITA for walking out of dinner?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I (24f) and my boyfriend ‘Owen’ (25m) have been together for 3 years. In the 3 years we’ve been dating I have only met his parents a handful of times and let’s just say they are very interesting people (not the good interesting).”

“He’s kept his distance from them and rarely talks to them, due to them being very rude and belittling.”

“Recently Owen and I decided we would be moving to Florida (From Montana) because I got an amazing job offer and he was able to relocate as well. His parents did not take the news well.”

“They accused me of trying to steal their son from them and said that ever since he started dating me he’s become more distant. (Which isn’t true, he’s always been distant with them ever since he left for college)”

“However, 2 weeks ago his mom invited us to dinner to apologize for their behavior and have a going away dinner. We both agreed to go thinking this would be good.”

“Time for dinner comes around and we arrive at his parents. The evening was going well until his mom says she has an announcement to make. She announces she got Owen a job at a company (where we currently live) and that he starts in two days.”

“We’re both sitting their shocked and eventually Owen tells them he’s relocating to Florida with me. His mom does not take this well and gets up from the table yelling and says ‘you’re seriously going to turn down this job that I worked so hard to get for you for some stupid little burnt girl.’”

“Quick background, I was born in Guatemala and was adopted by my parents when I was 6 months old.”

“Both Owen and I are very taken back by this comment and I end up getting up from the table, putting on my shoes, grabbing my stuff and walking out of their house.”

“Shortly after, Owen pulls up next to me in his car and we head back to his apartment. The rest of the evening is spent with me crying and him trying to comfort me. He lets me know he will be going no contact with his parents and that I will never have to deal with them again.”

“I ask him if that’s what he really wants. He tells me he can’t have people in his life that treat me so horribly. (We both block them that night)”

“A week goes by and we’re currently setting up our new apartment in Florida. As we’re finishing unpacking I receive a very angry text from his mom (she used a random number) telling me I’m to blame for everything that’s happened and that walking out of her house was what caused her son to cut them out of his life.”

“She tells me I should be ashamed of myself and that I never should have left my ‘stupid country’. I feel bad but at the same time she’s the one who caused this whole mess with her horrendous comment about me.”

“So, AITA for walking out of dinner which resulted in Owen cutting his parents off?”

Strangers online were asked to declare one of the following:

  • NTA – Not the A**hole
  • YTA – You’re the A**hole
  • NAH – No A**holes Here
  • ESH – Everybody Sucks Here

Many Redditors sided with the OP as not the a**hole here.

“NTA. Owen’s mom is not only a racist, but batsh*t insane.”

“Hopefully one day she’ll realize that the way she behaves and treats people is only driving her son farther and farther away.”

“I’m sorry you had to deal with that OP. Congrats on the move!” – PayrollPrince

“NTA — his parents (especially his mom apparently) are rude, belittling, hovering, controlling, manipulative bigots.”

“You shouldn’t feel even the slightest bit guilty about relocating with him, nor for walking out of their home.”

“Suggestion : both you and he need to change your cell numbers so the nasty old bat CAN’T send you her disgusting messages. Don’t look back — be happy together without that toxic sludge he calls a family.” – TwistyHeretic2

“NTA and Owen isn’t an asshole neither, his mom however is a different story. His mom is very controlling (or tries to be) and shows no form of respect to you, her son, or her son’s decisions. Not to mention the blatant racism.”

“Good on Owen for taking your side and going no contact. I wish you both the best on your move and y’all lives moving forward.” – DJ_Too_Supreme21

“NTA. I have no words for how disgusting and despicable his mother’s words were. And Owen seems to be the kind of person you want in your corner.”

“If he is willing to truly cut them out of his life, this shows how much he truly loves you. He shouldn’t pay for the sins of his parents.”

“Beyond his mother’s disgusting behavior towards you, she probably wasn’t doing herself any favors by getting him a job. The only person ruining a relationship there is her. Good for you guys for getting as far as possible! Good luck in Florida!!” – silvertitan414

“OK, so here’s the thing. Your boyfriend’s mom is a liar. I’m a hiring manager and a recruiter and am all too familiar with our employment laws in the US.”

“To get a job, Owen himself would have had to apply, fill out EEO, Vet Status, and self identification of disability (a new form as of 2020) forms along with a standard application and his resume.”

“He would have also had to provide ID such as a passport, birth certificate, work permit, or other form of ID. Depending on the company, also a reference check, a background investgation, and a drug test.”

“A recruiter would have reached out to schedule orientation and sent benefits information along with the orientation schedule and time. Since none of this happened, she is a liar. NTA.” – Lola_M1224

Overall, the comments from Redditors did not favor Owen’s mom. They also congratulated the OP for the job relocation, and Florida residents welcomed the couple to the Sunshine State.

The OP said in the comments she was lucky to have found Owen and that she sees a future with him. She also said they were enjoying the warmer climate in Florida than the one in Montana.

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