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Guy Upsets Girlfriend By Refusing To Immediately Leave Work To Help Her After She Ran Out Of Gas

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Relationships are hard work. Nobody tells you that while you’re pining away for one.

Significant others drive one another crazy all the time with certain actions and behaviors.

And you have to figure out how to navigate those personality aspects that might cause everyone involved to get testy.

Case in point…

Our Redditor Naive_Clothes_4538 wanted to discuss his story for some feedback. So naturally he came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

He asked:

“AITA for not immediately leaving work to come help my girlfriend who ran out of gas?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“My girlfriend (24 F[emale]) is NOTORIOUS for driving her car on practically empty gas.”

“I have no idea why she does this but according to her parents she’s been doing this since she was a teenager.”

“She claims she ‘knows her car’ and that she’s never ran out of gas before.”

“I’m the type of guy who fill the gas when it’s less than half full so this habit stresses the f**k out of me.”

“Since we moved in together about 6 months ago I try to fill it for her as often as I remember so I can keep my sanity.”

“The past week I have been really busy with a project at work and have been working quite a bit overtime.”

“Because of that it slipped my mind to fill her gas.”

“While I was working a bit late of Friday (it was around 6:30) my girlfriend calls me practically crying, saying that her car ran out of gas and she was on the side of the road and pleaded me to come help her.”

“I’ll admit I was pretty angry and felt like screaming ‘I told you so.’ I was just not in the mood to leave my work to figure out how to deal with her so I told her I couldn’t help her right now and she needed to figure out how to get out of this situation.”

“She ends up calling her brother who lives 30 minutes away. He brought a gas tank and everything turned out all right for her.”

“However, she’s mad at me for ‘the way I spoke to her’ and for not helping her.”

“Additionally her brother is pissed at me and keeps accusing me of being a d**k.”

“He said he left a date to come help her and was mad that I couldn’t ‘take 30 minutes off from work.’” To help my girlfriend and if it was up to him she would leave me.”

“Her brother has never been a huge fan of me so I’m not completely unsurprised by his attitude.”

“I don’t really think I was wrong. Work is really hectic right now, she wasn’t in any immediate danger and she got herself in this situation.”

“I’ve told her a million times about gas (and I know her parents and brother have to). AITA here?”

“I guess some additional factors: My girlfriend has A[ttention] D[eficit] H[yperactivity] D[isorder] and can be forgetful.”

“However she has done a pretty good job on coming up with ways to organize her life when it comes to household chores, finances and work so I definitely feel if she actually just put in effort she would remember the gas.”

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Most Redditors felt our OP was NOT the AH.

Let’s hear your thoughts…

“NTA. Running out of gas was entirely her own fault and something that was bound to happen to her sooner or later.”

“To paraphrase a common saying, ‘Lack of planning on her part did not constitute an emergency on yours.'”

“Hopefully she has learned an important lesson from this and will take steps to prevent it from happening again.”

“If she doesn’t stop blaming you for a problem she created, you should re-evaluate being with her at all.”   ~ vodka_philosophy

“Agree 100% with this. It wasn’t his fault and it sounds like he is doing more than he should anyways by filling up her car for her when he sees it needs it.”

“This should be a good lesson to her and hopefully she learned it.”

“She shouldn’t rely on people to bail her out not everyone can drop things in the middle of the day to help people.”  ~ SufficientPick7252

“NTA. OP if you are in the US you can sign her up, or tell her to sign up, for AAA for $46.08, possibly a little more, for a year which in addition to towing services will deliver fuel.”

“I think up to 2 gallons but at least, which should be enough to get her to a gas station.”

“Also it’s possible her insurance could have an add on for a few dollars as well, I know Progressive offers.”“.  ~ Acceptable_Day6086

“Hi, I have severe ADHD and unfortunately that is not a f**king valid excuse I have been driving for 13 years and not once has my car run out of gas because I had remembered to f**king fill it.”

“Have I gotten to where the gas light was on yes was I stressed about making it to a gas station also yes but AHDH is not an excuse.”  ~ Khalee_Hellcat

“NTA, but I’m afraid the GF is going to take the wrong lesson from this.”

“She is not going to see this as the natural consequence of her poor planning; she is going to see this as her BF being a d**k and not helping her when she (felt that she) needed him.”  ~ Aether-Wind

“NTA – in this situation, even if I COULD leave work, I probably wouldn’t.”

“She can Uber to a gas station, get a tank, and bring it back to her car.”

“This is totally a “I told you so” moment. Hope she learned her lesson.”  ~ Cocohamster

“NTA. Nobody forced her brother to interrupt his plans for her, either.”

“In fact, maybe if enough people just let her actually figure out how to handle the problem she created, it’ll finally get through to her that she shouldn’t be going out of her way to put herself in a situation where she might need that kind of emergency help.”

“And take measures on her own to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”  ~ mm172NTA

“People using ADHD as an excuse for being irresponsible is getting old.”

“When her gas tank is low I’m sure her car reminds her that she needs to go to the gas station.”

“This is 100% on her and her brother should have let her figure it out too.”

“The only way I would say you’d be the AH in this situation is if she was somewhere that she was in danger.”

“Aside from that, she needs to act like the adult she is and get her s**t together.”  ~ spdaroch

First, what have we learned?

Always check the gas tank. In this day and age gas is a hot commodity whenever you can get it.

Hopefully our OP and his lady can keep running on full from here.