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Woman Accused Of ‘Abusing’ Husband After Forcing Him To Go Through Her Beauty Routine

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The battle of the sexes is a never ending war.

So that’s why it’s so nice when someone from one side is willing to learn a lesson.

And embrace a new idea.

However, you’re always going to have your detractors.

Case in point…

Redditor ThrowRAZero*ucks wanted to discuss her story for some feedback. So naturally she came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

She asked:

“AITA for putting my husband through my make up routine?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I (28 F[emale]) like many women have learned due to the pandemic that I don’t have to dress up to societies ridiculous beauty standards.”

“Before I use to dress to the nines and made sure I always wore heavy make up like, James Charles, Nikki Tutorials level of make up.”

“And made sure my skin was as unblemished and smooth as a baby’s skin and were not even gonna get started on my hair situation.”

“Well my husband (30 M[ale]) is annoyed by this.”

“He said he liked my old look and he’s embarrassed to go out with me now that I’ve decided to be a lazy slob.”

“I told him I still dress up when we go on dinner dates, when we have important occasions I just don’t feel like wearing make up and heels to go to the grocery store or clean the toilet anymore.”

“He said it wasn’t that hard to out with some make up and shave.”

“So I told him if he thought so then to prove it, go through the same treatment I go through to look good as he put it.”

“He agreed because if I’ve been doing it for years how hard could it be.”

“He learned how painful waxing is soon after.”

“He learned how long it takes a woman with long thick, waist length hair to wash, dry and style it.”

“He learned how uncomfortable wearing certain outfits everyday was for me and since he wanted me to wear make up he had too as well.”

“He was in too deep so he let me do his make up.”

“I didn’t go full drag I only did some stuff that would enhance his features yet show him how much effort goes into make up.”

“Needless to say, after a full day of this he told me he was sorry.”

“And he didn’t realize how much work I put into my appearance.”

“I told him to now imagine the woman who go around getting lip fillers and botox and he laughed and said thank God I wasn’t that high maintenance.”

“We both had a laugh about it and I felt I proved my point.”

“Issue, he was talking to his sisters and told them what I did which they found hilarious .”

“Because they too also feel it’s about time men understood how much work some women put into their looks.”

“Well he told his mom what I did and now she’s been calling and texting me about how I abused her son.”

“How it’s a woman’s duty to look good for her husband.”

“And how I’m going to drive him away by being a lazy slob and to not be surprised when I end up divorced or cheated on.”

“I ignored her but my husband’s now defending me from his mother and she’s mad that he’s defending me.”

“Anyway did I mess up? I was just trying to prove a point.”

“My mother in law hates me, she wanted her son to marry a tall white, blonde, blue eyed Instagram model who she could be besties with.”

“And instead I’m Latina, short and don’t agree with her views.”


Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA?:

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Redditors declared our OP was NOT the A**hole.

It’s a tricky situation.

Let’s hear some thoughts…

“NTA. But now you can see exactly where your husbands toxic views came from – his mother.”  ~ dinkydish

“Just in case you only skimmed, hubby actually took the lesson to heart and is defending OP against his mother, so he’s an okay guy in the end.”

“I do love how the pandemic is helping people cut through the bullshit on a lot of things, and hope it ensures.”  ~ Docthrowaway2020

“He’s an okay guy in the end cause OP had to put him through her entire routine just for him to get the point.”

“It shouldn’t have to be that hard.”

“It’s like that one story where the OPs S[ister] I[n] L[aw] ruined an entire bowl of homemade pasta and the husband rugswept his sister’s behavior.”

“Until his wife basically forced him to make the pasta by scratch by hand.”

“Noodle dough, filling and everything.”

“And after all that – he finally saw the light.”

“It shouldn’t take someone going through the exact steps and processes their partner takes to get a point.”  ~ dinkydish

“In order to only be able to acquire information about these things through personal experience you need to be dismissive when the people who do have personal experience tell you what it’s like.”

“OP’s husband only needed personal experience to understand because he refused to believe that she knew what she was talking about.”

“And assumed she must be exaggerating which does in fact suck.”  ~ majere616

“It’s sh**ty in our society that many men can get away with being selfish and small-minded like that (sometimes as probably here, without necessarily even being aware that they are).”

“OP is also completely within her rights to decide that educating her husband in this way is worth the effort to improve their relationship.”  ~ ActualMassExtinction

“I also think it was pretty cool that he agreed to her experiment.”

“Not many men would do that.”

“And he is laughing about it with OP and his family.”

“He seems very secure.”

“Also, he is defending OP against his mother.”  ~ Able_Secretary_6835

OP came back with some details about mommy dearest…

“Oh she’s hated me for years, she still brings up how I stole her wedding experience from her.”

“I don’t believe in traditional marriage with white dresses and churches.”

“Instead we got married at a park.”

“My uncles an officiant so he married us and the park was near a beach where we had the reception as a very true stereotype about us Latin people is we do love our huge family outdoor parties.”

“We had a cook out and everything, the kids loved being at the beach instead of wearing dresses and suits inside a boring building.”

“I also didn’t wear a white dress I bought a red sundress and she’s never let it go that I ruined her son’s wedding despite him having liked it as well.”

Reddit continued…

“I think maybe it’s a personality thing that some people have and others don’t.”

“I would never assume something others do was effortless just because I don’t personally have the experience of it being difficult.”

“And I don’t understand why someone would make that assumption.”

“Lots of guys shave their face every day.”

“I’m a woman and I don’t have any facial hair (some women do) so I have no experience with shaving my face.”

“But why would I assume it’s effortless/easy?”

“It just takes a small amount of critical thinking to realize that there are many steps involved.”

“And also that it’s easier for some people than others (depending on how dense/coarse their hair is and how sensitive their skin is).”

“I really don’t understand why not being familiar with something would ever mean defaulting to ‘surely it’s easy.'”

“Why not just default to ‘I don’t know what goes into it’ and leave it at that rather than adding onto it ‘and I know it can’t be that hard’ for some reason?”  ~ roadsidechicory

“It can be pretty hard to understand problems that you never had to deal with in your live, especially when you’ve been told it’s not a big deal.”

“He accepted going through this, and he accepted that he was wrong and completely changed his point of view.”

“That’s a great quality to have as a partner.”

“Also, NTA obviously.”

“The only a**hole here is his mom.”

“The story has a perfect happy ending where everyone involved is happy.”

“But his mom comes along and decides that they are not supposed to be happy like that and complains about everyone.”  ~ MrKarotti

“Does mom know that even if she get bestie with a tall blonde, blue-eyed insta model, she wouldn’t turn into one herself?”

“But it is great that the husband saw the light so fast and is now defending women.”

“So many see women get ready in tv or internet and think ‘that’s just a few minutes, where is the problem?'”

“‘She can’t even waste a few minutes to look good for meeeee?!'”

“While just splashing water in their face to get ready, haha. NTA.”  ~ EvilFinch

“NTA. Good for your husband for being open minded.”

“Admitting when he was wrong, and also for sticking up for you against his mother… A++!”

“You are a human being, not an art museum.”

“His mother’s opinion is irrelevant and outdated.”

“You did nothing wrong.”  ~ Otherwise_Maize2281

“NTA but beware OP, you have an unusual human being for a husband.”

“As apparently if he doesn’t understand your point of view, he will actually let you put him in your exact position so that he can see it from your point of view!! “

“So, don’t use this power too much or it might weaken, and don’t use this power for Evill!!!” muahahahahahaha

OP, Reddit clearly wants you to do you.

So do you.

It’s great that your hubby is willing to learn and embrace.

Good luck with mama….