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Woman Bans Her Boyfriend From Using Their Private Bathroom Due To His ‘Bad Aim’ While Peeing

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When it comes to bathroom habits, men are not historically known for their…umm…accuracy.

And the thought of stepping or sitting in someone else’s urine is not an experience everyone enjoys.

So after Redditor Throwrabadaim clashed with her boyfriend over this very issue, she turned to the subReddit “Am I the A**hole” (AITA) to see if her actions were justified.

She asked:

“AITA for not allowing my boyfriend to use the en suite bathroom because he keeps peeing on the floor?”

(And just for clarification, an “en suite” bathroom in real estate lingo is a bathroom that’s attached to a bedroom.)

The original poster (OP) explained the situation.

“Bit of an awkward issue but anyway.”

“My (28F) boyfriend (29M) and I bought a house together this year and nearly every time I go into the en suite bathroom I notice water on the floor, the toilet seat, wall etc.”

“When I wipe it up, it’s sorta pale yellow so my immediate thought is; it’s urine. So I bring this up to my boyfriend, at first he accuses me of doing it but eventually admits to having bad aim.”

“Honestly, I don’t care if he can’t aim properly, at least CLEAN IT UP?!”

“I’m not going to put up with it because it’s disgusting, so I told my boyfriend that he’s banned from using the en suite bathroom and he can use the ugly bathroom downstairs.”

“Now he’s calling me immature, controlling and apparently I’m treating him like a child. We literally argued about this for hours.”

“AITA here?”

Redditors then weighed in on what went down by declaring:

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Everyone assured the OP she made the right call.

Especially other men.


“If he doesn’t want to be treated like a child, he needs to stop peeing on the floor.”

“If he has bad aim, he needs to either sit down or clean up after himself.”

“I’m a guy, and this is just common sense and courtesy.”—cdifl

“This. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’ve never understood what’s emasculating about sitting down to pee.”

“ETA (edited to add) – I definitely understand that there are legitimate reasons to stand in certain situations (size, cleanliness, etc), but there is a definite segment of the population that feels that it’s just plain not ‘manly’ to sit when urinating and I don’t get that.”—Kghp11

“I mean, I sometimes have bad aim if I’ve just woken up or something, but yeah you don’t just leave it all over the seat and floor, you clean up after yourself. That’s disgusting.”—philman132

“I have never laughed so much at him calling OP immature while he’s apparently peeing like a 5 year old.”

“Trousers and pants to your ankles, shirt up to your chin and then just sway till your done, that’s how you guys do it right?”

“NTA OP I guess 28 is as good a time as any to learn how to pee like a big boy”—shessomecnt

Although not everyone jumped on the “he should sit down to pee” bandwagon.

“Honestly for me at least it’s not emasculating but I stand for three reasons.”

“1 – It’s faster. Maybe not much but it’s a lot easier to just whip it out and let loose.”

“2 – It’s just how I learned to pee. It’s instinctive. I don’t think about it I just stand when I pee.”

“3 – If I sit down I’m gonna be there for longer. Every time I sit down to pee I pull out my phone and end up sitting there for like 4-8 minutes.”

“That being said if you miss clean it up. I’ve never met a single person who consistently misses and manages to piss all over the wall, toilet, and floor.”

“Like yeah once and a while I’ll miscalculate but then you just go ‘whoops’ and get her back on track real quick. Never more than a teeny little puddle that takes like one MAYBE two normal sized wads of toilet paper to clean up.”

“This dude is doing it on purpose. You don’t empty the entire contents of your bladder and manage to not be able to correct your aim in the like 45-90 seconds you’re standing there pissing.”

“You’re not shooting a howitzer it’s taking a piss. In almost 30 years he hasn’t figured out how to piss in a toilet?”

“Come on. Dude is definitely doing it on purpose.”—HeeHawJew

Women seem to do it just fine, so why can’t men?

“Not only that, but he tried blaming his girlfriend for it. Like a child not wanting to take responsibility.”

“I’m curious how he thinks girls pee.”

“Do you know how hard I’d have to be trying to pee on the floor, while sitting on the toilet, for any of it to even touch the floor. Dude, really?”—dovakiinky

“Several years ago, my husband and I moved into a rental house where the upstairs bathroom was this tiny closet sized bathroom in the master bedroom.”

“He started peeing sitting down at night at that point to reduce the noise of the pee hitting the water- he was being considerate of me still sleeping.”

“Now, like 7 years later, he exclusively sits down to pee because he feels it’s an objectively better peeing experience lol”

“I haven’t had to clean pee spots off the floor or toilet rim for the better part of a decade now.”—Dusty_Old_Bones

The post raised some serious red (or yellow?) flags for many.

“I can relate to this scenario, but my 5 yos aim has improved immensely over the last year. We keep bathroom wipes under the sink because sometimes he wiggles or dances around mid-stream.”

“If this were my husband and not my 5 yo, my husband would be solely responsible for bathroom cleaning duties.”

“I’d also have some questions about how a grown adult still hasn’t managed to master peeing in a toilet.”—Chimom315

“My dad complained to me once that his girlfriend (at the time) told him he needed to start sitting when he used her bathroom because his bad aim (that he didn’t clean up) was stinking up her bathroom and making her male cat want to mark his territory in there.”

“He was like, ‘can you believe that? She wants me to sit on the toilet like A WOMAN????'”

“Ya know, instead of realizing he had a problem. He is a textbook narcissist so lack of self awareness is a hallmark of his personality.”—T8rthot

“It’s not just the peeing on the floor thing tho. It’s the lying about it and becoming upset when she tells you it’s an issue.”

“If he pissed on the floor, his childish a** needs to clean it up too.”

“Since he refuses to, I completely understand why the eff she wouldn’t want to share a bathroom with this monster. He’s gross.”—intolerablefem

It sounds like the OP’s boyfriend will need to clean up his act (literally) if he wants his en suite bathroom privileges restored.

He can think it over the next time he sits down to take a pee.

Written by Brian Skellenger

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