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Guy Sparks Drama After Saying His Wife Isn’t His ‘Dream Girl’ During A Game Night With Friends

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The pandemic has changed the way we work and socially interact – with many people using video conferencing apps like Zoom.

Although game night gatherings will never be quite the same, Zoom has been a worthy substitute to allow couples to conveniently get together in the spirit of competition without the hassle of stumbling home after a few cocktails.

Redditor BranchLones and his wife participated in what was set out to be a harmless trivia game on Zoom, but he wound up losing major points with his beloved teammate for his response to a fantasy question.

So he visited the “Am I the A**hole” (AITA) subReddit and asked:

“AITA for saying my wife wasn’t my ‘dream girl’ in a trivia game?”

The Original Poster (OP) wrote:

“So my wife and I have been doing a game night every so often with some other couples via zoom since we can’t go out and see people lately.”

“We were playing this card game the other night that was like basically a trivia game for couples to play and you are asked a question and you write down your answer and your partner has to guess what they think you answered.”

“If they guess correctly your team gets a point. Whichever couples knows each other the best wins.”

“So some of the questions in this version were a little spicy and one of the questions was ‘Who is your dream man/woman to have sex with.'”

“I wrote down my spin instructor, since my wife knows I think she’s hot, and thought she’d guess her and we’d get a point.”

“Well, f’k me, turns out every other husband either wrote down their wife or a celebrity/fictional character.”


“My wife was livid, and upset. I tried to explain I didn’t actually want to do anything with my spin instructor and I would never even briefly consider being unfaithful, it was just me trying to play the game.”

“She doesn’t believe me, saying everyone else’s instinct was women who didn’t exist or better yet, their wives. I feel really bad, but also really confused. I don’t know how to deal with this. Is she overreacting or am I an a**hole?

“(And no need to tell me about the Curb Your Enthusiasm Episode. No I hadn’t seen it. Yes I’ve seen it now. Almost every man there sent me references to it as soon as the video was off.)”

Anonymous strangers on the internet were asked if and where guilt belongs by declaring:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
  • ESH – Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH – No A**holes Here

The OP wasn’t winning with Redditors either, and he was schooled on the unspoken rule of what constitutes as a “dream girl” in this scenario.

“YTA. Come on man, a woman you know in real life?”

“There is such a clear difference between talking about a celebrity crush or a character from a TV show, but you chose someone you realistically could hook up with, which is what your wife will be thinking about from now on when you go to spin class.” – Overall-Bus

“YTA. ‘Dream girl’ – i.e. someone you will literally never get the chance with, like a celebrity.”

“You don’t put down someone that you know in real life that you interface with on a regular basis.” – ProspectorJim101

“YTA. Dude – really? REALLY?”

“She will NEVER forget this. Ever. She’s absolutely right, you should have known to say your wife. Why on earth would you say your dream sex partner is a fit, healthy, attractive woman that you see on a regular basis? Why??!?”

“I hope you’re prepared to change spin classes or whatever they’re called because your wife is never going to be ok with this.”

“+1 for honestly but -1 million for being such a dolt.” – 153799

“YTA, YTA! Wait just to be sure, YTA! Man what the hell were you thinking??”

“You weren’t it seems like. You basically let your wife know that you’d cheat on her with the spin instructor. WOW.” – cutlesss

“My college boyfriend did almost exactly the same thing.”

“I broke up with him a few months later and haven’t even spoken to him in almost a decade, and that incident still hurts in a way that few other things ever have. I feel so bad for his wife.” – trantexuong

This was a close call.

“My wife and I were talking about celebrity crushes. I was about to mention an internet personality, when I realized that they were going to be present at a con I was going to the following month.”

“Suddenly there was even the smallest hint of realism, and it wasn’t funny at all, so I didn’t say a word. But even that would be a non-existent fantasy situation. I cant imagine saying the name of a real person in my day to day life.” – FamousTVshow

“I thought I was going to read he said Angelina Jolie or something, which I could understand why his wife might miffed OP doesn’t say her but at least a celebrity is an unobtainable ‘goal.'”

“When I read ‘so I said my spin instructor’ my mouth literally dropped open. Surely nobody is that stupid.” – its_all_relativity


“YTA. It’s basically a universal rule that you pick either your current SO or a celebrity when it comes to sex questions in games, never anyone you know in real life.”

“You could have said Scarlett Johansson, Emilia Clarke, or the queen of goddamn England and it would have been fine.”

“Instead you picked the absolute worst answer other than saying you want to bang your wife’s sister.” – CelikBas

The OP was advised not to take class from this “dream girl” instructor.

“And drop your spin class. You can’t ever go back there.” – Shinynewreddit2019

“If he wants to save his marriage he can’t ever go back to that spin class. I imagine she would flip if he tried.” – darthvadercake

In response to the OP not knowing “how to deal with this,” Reddit’s “Ignite!” award-winner offered the following advice.

“Google ways that people across various cultures atone for shameful and inexcusable failure. Then do all of them.” – LazerKhan

Game over.

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