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Mom Berated By Husband For Using More Than Two Eggs To Cook Their Family Of Four Breakfast


Money is tight right now.

And everyone is trying to save in anyway possible.

If that is the case, families should be on the same page on how to save.

Do you start with eggs?

Case in point…

Redditor throwaway4eggs wanted to discuss her experience and get some feedback. So naturally, she came to visit the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit.

She asked:

“AITA for scrambling 4 eggs instead of 2 like my husband wanted?”

The Original Poster (OP) explained:

“I’m a S[tay] A[t] H[ome] M[om] with 2 kids (8, 10).”

“Their dad is the sole income earner in the house.”

“He’s responsible for bills and groceries and recently, he’s been tightening the grip on expenses and would get mad over little things I do.”

“Like I do laundry twice a week (because kids) or use more cleaning products than I usually do.”

“Yesterday, I was making breakfast for him and the kids and used 4 eggs to make scrambled eggs.”

“He came to the table and found out that I had used 4 and started lashing out at me calling me irresponsible for not using 2 eggs instead.”

“I called him unreasonable because… 2 eggs?”

“When it was the 4 of us?”

“The kids wouldn’t get enough.”

“He yelled saying that I should keep in mind that he’s the one who’s expected to pay for all of that and will have to worry if we run out of groceries.”

“I got upset and lost my appetite.”

“I told him he could have the whole thing but he called me childish and immature for ‘sulking’ when he was just being honest and straightforward with me.”

“I ended up having just coffee for breakfast and he left for work without speaking to me.”

“AITA for using 4 eggs instead of 2 so the whole family could eat?”

Redditors shared their thoughts on this matter and weighed some options to the question AITA:

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Many Redditors declared OP was NOT the A**hole.

“NTA, your man is broke and doesn’t know how to tell you.”

“Inflation is real and the price of eggs has gone up – be kind and understanding of the pressure this has put people through.”

“No one likes not being able to afford eggs.” ~ hyenaaazx

“Agreed. Most likely lost his job, or found a girlfriend, or loaned family/friend a large amount of money without asking.”

“Check your savings account then try calling the receptionist as his work and asking to be transferred.”

“You can hang up before he picks up (if he still works there).”

“Did you guys not read that OP’s husband never mentioned inflation while reprimanding her?”

“If he had said inflation I doubt OP would even be here asking if AITA.”

“These budget cuts sound like a shock to OP.”

“Unless OP lives under a rock she is aware of inflation and the cost of living.”

“They have been together for 10+ years.”

“She should know what they can and cannot afford.”  ~ UltNinjaPS

“If their finances are such that two eggs versus four makes an actual difference.”

“He needs to give OP the specifics and come up with an updated and itemized budget rather than just yelling at her whenever he feels nervous.”

“The fact that he doesn’t seem to be giving her a specific budget to stay within seems like a sign that they’re approaching a crisis, it looks like he’s panicking.” ~ allthecactifindahome

“I agree that having a honest discussion about finances and coming up with a realistic budget is the way he should go about this.”

“But, assuming that it is just money being tight and not some other issue, the outburst about eggs likely had nothing to do with 2 eggs being out of their budget and everything to do with feeling out of control in life.”

“Suddenly everything is more expensive day by day and the future is uncertain and his instinct is to just to save as much money as possible to protect his family.”

“He may not even realize how ridiculous he’s being yet.”

“OP should try to have a calm discussion to see if he’s okay and try to come to an agreement about finances.”

“She’s NTA for using 2 eggs, but he sounds like he’s really struggling if two eggs was enough to send him into a fit and he’s not usually like this.”  ~ Sufficient_Art_2422

“My husband and I recently had to sit down and have this talk.”

“He was struggling to keep us afloat yet afraid to tell me he couldn’t take care of us alone.”

“So he was getting angry at me for just living my life like I was before, not knowing we were scraping by.”

“We got into a huge fight while his father was visiting us and he finally broke down and told me.”

“We have been doing so much better since then.”

“OP, NTA, bit I suggest sitting down with him and asking him if everything is okay.”

“Don’t be judgemental and hear him out.”

“Then y’all can (hopefully) have a calm conversation about it and be on the same page.” ~ his_babydoll1620

“NTA, clearly the issue here isn’t the eggs.”

“You need to have an honest conversation with your husband regarding the extreme budgeting and to understand if there are hidden financial issues.”  ~ nana_noname

“NTA. You need to have a serious sit down with your husband.”

“Is he hiding something?”

“Are you literally days away from being made homeless and 2 eggs is really that big a problem?”

“Or is he abusive and controlling?”

“Do you have access to the finances to know the truth?”

“If not, consider googling financial abuse.”  ~ AdrenalineAnxiety

“OP is NTA.”

“I’ve skimmed through the comments, and was rather surprised that no one is screaming ‘FINANCIAL ABUSE!'”

“OP, like others have comments, try to talk to him and find out what’s going on.”

“Check your bank records if he can’t or won’t give a good explanation.”

“Again, NTA for using 4 eggs instead of 2.”

“Someone would have still been hungry.”  ~ Soggy-Improvement960

“Did your husband have a setback at work?”

“Maybe a demotion, given fewer hours, something like that – that may have reduced his income, or is he aware of something like that coming down the pike?”

“Because his reaction is unreasonable.”

“Do you have a side-hustle or something you can do to bring in money?”

“Inflation has been awful, and if you’re in the UK I know it’s really bad. NTA.”  ~ Straight-Singer-2912

“NTA, but I’d be wondering why he’s changed suddenly about finances.”

“Start asking about them.”

“Go over the family budget with him and explain you want to know why he suddenly wants to be stingy with food and laundry when you don’t see a problem.”

“Gonna be -that person- and say I suspect he’s spending it elsewhere and is taking the stress of the losses out on you.”

“Or he’s decided to be financially controlling because he’s suspicious of something you’re doing.”

“Communicate it out like the adults you are.”  ~ fIumpf

“NTA, but this isn’t about the eggs.”

“You need to sit down and discuss this properly as I think he has some major money concerns that he doesn’t want to tell you about.”

“Yes, the cost of living is going up (especially in the UK) but he can’t expect you to feed 4 people on 2 eggs.”

“This needs to be a discussion and it needs to happen now before he carries on trying to cut down your food budget even more.”

“There are food banks out there if things are really that bad.” ~ Lana-Wolf

“NTA. I’m sorry… 2 eggs shared between 4 people!?!”

“Unless you are eating beans and bread with this it’s simply not enough.”

“Is your husband seriously suggesting that you should all basically go hungry?”

“While I completely understand that financial troubles can be very stressful… especially with all the food, gas and electric bills going up, making your family go hungry is not the answer!”

“You need a serious sit down with your husband to go over the finances.”

“Are you able to get a job working from home to get more money?”

“At least part time work since all your kids are old enough to go to school now?”  ~ CheeseAndPasta97

“NTA- it’s not about the eggs!”

“I think he is stressed out financially and the price of food is increasing which is a big hit to the budget.”

“Start looking for a part time job while your kids are in school to try to help out with the budget.”

“Also, you need to have a talk with your husband.”  ~ mackeyca87

“NTA. Two eggs is not enough for four people.”

“But this is clearly not about the eggs.”

“Is your husband having issues at work and worried about being laid off or fired?”

“Is he not making enough to cover the bills?”

“The cost of living has skyrocketed and that’s stressful, but you still can’t be expected to feed four people including two growing children on two eggs.”

“The way he’s reacting is not okay at all, but I think a serious conversation about things needs to be had.”  ~ anthony___fell

“NTA. But be careful.”

“Sounds like he’s teetering on the edge of being monetarily abusive.”

“And that’s not good.” ~ OoohItsAMystery

Well OP, Reddit understands your hurt feelings.

But it sounds like there maybe a need to have a sit down with the hubby.

There could be bigger issues to discuss.

Good luck.